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T-42Mit Welchem RechtnoneNot on Label (self-released)1990GermanyTape
T. DiezanoiseAs The Foundation RumblesZH27 062ZH271985United StatesTape
T. IsotaniAngel HairsDD.Records, DT152DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. IsotaniBoku No Sukina Zenseiki DD.Records, DT088DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. IsotaniHuagesDD.Records, DT051DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. IsotaniNuages 2DD.Records, DT106DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. IsotaniStainless WhalesDD.Records, DT105DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. IsotaniTantus AmorDD.Records, DT010DD. Records1981JapanTape
T. IsotaniThe Fog HornDD.Records, DT042DD. Records1982JapanTape
T. IsotaniWarningDD.Records, DT019DD. Records1982JapanTape
T. Isotani / K. YoshimatsuEternal MorningDD.Records, DT062DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. Isotani / K. YoshimatsuTrypanosomaDD.Records, DT023DD. Records1982JapanTape
T. Isotani, J. Nishiwaki, K. YoshimatuNew HorizonDD.Records, DT058DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. Kamada...Play The MusicDD.Records, DT128DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. KamadaAfter MusicDD.Records, DT045DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. KamadaEndless MusicDD.Records, DT009DD. Records1981JapanTape
T. KamadaHome Made Music 1980/1DD.Records, DT001DD. Records1981JapanTape
T. KamadaHome Made Music 1980/2DD.Records, DT005DD. Records1981JapanTape
T. KamadaHome Made Music 1981/1DD.Records, DT006DD. Records1981JapanTape
T. KamadaIce MusicDD.Records, DT109DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. KamadaMedical Music (Home Mada Music 1981/3) DD.Records, DT027DD. Records1982JapanTape
T. KamadaRe MusicDD.Records, DT129DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. Kamada & KoshiLive at N113DD.Records, DT013DD. Records1981JapanTape
T. Kamada & Koshi & NakamuraHome Made Music 1981/4 DD.Records, DT033DD. Records1982JapanTape
T. Kamada & KuramotoVoice MusicDD.Records, DT084DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. Kamada & UsamiHisaichino YoakeDD.Records, DT073DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. Kamada & UsamiTrial and ErrorDD.Records, DT014DD. Records1981JapanTape
T. Kamada & YoshimatsuMemory WhiteDD.Records, DT140DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. Korgo ' S. Ootake ' YximallooChristmas TapeSakura Wrechords, Y, 6422Sakura Wrechords1986JapanTape
T. KuramotoOuttakesDD.Records, DT031DD. Records1982JapanTape
T. KuramotoZen Jinrui Soushiki I DD.Records, DT059DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. Kuramoto / T. IsotaniFor YDD.Records, DT069DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. NakamuraChem. Ab. DD.Records, DT153DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. NakamuraDistant SessionDD.Records, DT125DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. NakamuraPaysagesDD.Records, DT036DD. Records1982JapanTape
T. NakamuraTapir's DreamDD.Records, DT052DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. OldratTales fromMouche Tapes M009Mouche Tapes1982FranceTape
T. ToeloezeT. Toeloeze meets...0FranceTape
T. TukimotoChiisana Engeikai (Mad As A March Hare) DD.Records, DT127DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. TukimotoFirst ContactDD.Records, DT116DD. Records1983JapanTape
T. Tukimoto / T. KamadaD of UDD.Records, DT167DD. Records1984JapanTape
T.E. MusikLicht Und Luft Gibt Saft Und KraftReinfall Tapes, RC 008Reinfall Tapes1982GermanyTape
T.G.U.4-Track DemononeNot on Label (self-released)1986SwedenTape
T.O.L.L.Die Einwegcassette Graf Haufen Tapes, GHT, 17Graf Haufen Tapes1982GermanyTape
T.O.L.L.Werk 2Graf Haufen Tapes, GHT, 19 Graf Haufen Tapes1981GermanyTape
T.O.L.L.Werk 3Graf Haufen Tapes, GHT, 26Graf Haufen Tapes1983GermanyTape
T.S. EliotThe Waste LandCaedmon CDL51326Caedmon1995United StatesTape
T42Mit Welchem RechtMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 167Music & Elsewhere1993United KingdomTape
Tabea Blumenschein, Frieder Butzmann, Gudrun Gut & Bettina KösterWhite ChristmasMarat Records, 24 1980GermanyVinyl 7"
tacabstrictnoneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
tacawkward / nondescripttac,Not on Label (self-released)0Tape
Tada MasamiSerious CircusSoh Gallery,Soh Gallery0Tape
Tada MasamiSound Improvisation Soh Gallery, SOH 9002Soh Gallery0Tape
Tadeusz KantorInterviewAudio Arts SupplementAudio Arts1981United KingdomTape
TäglichSpermasulphatDatenverarbeitung, Data 0010Datenverarbeitung1982GermanyTape
TAGFylkingen 10.10.1990 / Burning WaternoneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
TAGTantric Resonance / Wicked Man ExtractsnoneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
TaintJustmeatSlaughter Productions A 5 PACKAGESlaughter Productions0ItalyTape
TakamiunknownLLE Label, PM-1010 Stereo 1985Japan Vinyl Lp
TakamiY. De NoirLLE Label, PM-1006 1983Japan Vinyl Lp
Takashi KazamakiLive in New York, 1987OMBRA 004Not on Label (self-released)0Tape
Takehisa KosugiCatch-WaveCBS/Sony, SOCM 88 1975Japan Vinyl Lp
Takehisa KosugiMelodienEdition Giannozzo Berlin, noneEdition Giannozzo Berlin1984GermanyTape
Takehisa KosugiViolin Music May 10' 1986Edition Giannozzo Berlin, noneEdition Giannozzo Berlin1986GermanyTape
Takehisa Kosugi & David TudorMusic For Merce Cunningham / Dialects / Untitled Rotating Arts Press AE 19291 1998Tape
TaliesinEclatement & LimitationKryptogame Products1980United KingdomTape
Talk About NoisesamenoneNot on Label (self-released)1980Tape
Talk TalkSpirit of EdenParlophone, 064 7 46977 11988Germany Vinyl Lp
Talk TalkSprit of EdenParlophone, 064 7 46977 11988Tape
Talking BandKalevala: An Epic of FinlandNew Wilderness Audiographics, 7914ANew Wilderness Audiographics1979United StatesTape
Tam Quam Tabula RasaAsàra-Lubàt MauqmàtMisty Circles, MC11Misty Circles1988ItalyTape
Tam Quam Tabula RasaIn AbsentiaBiotope Art OrganizationBiotope Art Organization1989ItalyTape
Tam Quam Tabula RasaLaborobiginisADN Tapes, ADN TAPES 27ADN TAPES1989ItalyTape
Tam Quam Tabula RasaLocus Minoris ResistentiaeMinus Habens Tapes, MHT10Minus Habens Tapes1988ItalyTape
Tam Quam Tabula RasaRitmo MarcioMarkus Schwill, noneMarkus Schwil1989GermanyTape
Tam Quam Tabula RasaSarkazeinVilex Prod. S.p.A.; V.P.004 Vilex Prod. S.p.A.1989ItalyTape
Tam Quam Tabula RasaUntitledTam Quam Tabula Rasa Self,released),noneNot on Label (self-released)0ItalyTape
TamarixCollages & LeitmotivNot On Label, noneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
Tana Emmolo-Smith / Joseph T. JacobsPrescient Dreams / ZanoniSubterranean Records, SUB 37Subterranean Records1983United StatesVinyl 7"
TangentLive at the University of Maryland 1979BEMN (Baltimore Electronic Music Network)BEMN (Baltimore Electronic Music Network)0United StatesTape
TangentTangent V.C.O. Live January 1980BEMN (Baltimore Electronic Music Network)BEMN (Baltimore Electronic Music Network)0Tape
Tangerine DreamAlpha CentauriOhr OMM 556 012, Ohr OMM 556.012 0Germany Vinyl Lp
Tangerine DreamAtemOhr OMM 556 031, Ohr OMM 556.031 1973Germany Vinyl Lp
Tangerine DreamDas Mädchen Auf Der Treppe Virgin, 600 651, Virgin, 600 651-213 1982GermanyVinyl 12"
Tangerine DreamFassbinder Memorial Concert15228 Not on Label1983GermanyVinyl 10"
Tangerine DreamLily on the BeachPrivate Music2057-4-P 1989United StatesTape
Tangerine DreamZeit Ohr OMM 2/56021, Ohr OMM 2/56.021 1972GermanyVinyl Lp-2
Tangle EdgeImprovised Drop Outs Auricle AMC 043Auricle1990United KingdomTape
Tango DjobokoTarzan's NachtmerrieLimbabwe Records, Limb. C003Limbabwe Records1982NetherlandsTape
Tango LugerMeurtre À CasablancaF.L.V.M. – FLVM 45440FranceVinyl 7"
Tango PerversThe Skeleton DanceOpel TapesOpel Records1985GermanyTape
Tank of DanzigThird IssueIdiot Records No. C 2Idiot Records1981GermanyTape
TanksThe Marinus Van Der Lubbe Bombing SocietySok Productions, 006SOK Productions1982GermanyTape
Tanz der GartenzwergeKugelrundnoneNot on Label (self-released)0GermanyTape
TapeheadLIVE AND AT HOME IN ROOM NR.1Gry RecordsGRY Records1982DenmarkTape
TapeheadLive At Galleri 14k April 81 Gry 0981GRY Records1981DenmarkTape
Tapes & IntoleranceAllegato Sonoro - Amen This Is Religion N° 6THX 1138, noneAmen - THX 11381987ItalyTape
TapewormTapewormnoneNot on Label (self-released)0United KingdomTape