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Dhol Chants

Artist: Uncommunity

Year: 1983
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Black Dwarf Recordings, BDC14
Format: Tape
A1 Winterkill Organa 5:40
A2 Phlogiston 4:34
A3 Ataxic High Excitement 6:54
A4 Vermiriis (Live) 4:36
A5 You Do As We Say 7:03
B1 Clavis Alchimiae 4:10
B2 Empyreal 5:33
B3 Liber Ivonis 4:11
B4 Phlebotomy Chant 3:47
B5 Cultes Des Goules 4:12
B6 Force - Meat 3:49