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Live 11.3.1981

Artist: UK Subs

Year: 1981
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Fight Back Production
Format: Tape
A1 C.I.D.  
A2 I Couldn't Be You  
A3 I Live In a Car  
A4 Tomorrows Girls  
A5 Confrontation  
A6 Warhead  
A7 Public Servant  
A8 Saturday Boys  
A9 Time And Matter  
A10 Crash Course  
A11 A New One? For You  
A12 Left Or Dead  
B1 Rockers  
B2 Violent City  
B3 Emotional Blackmail  
B4 Stranglehold  
B5 Teenage  
B6 You Don't Belong  
B7 New York State Police  
B8 Blues  
B9 C.I.D.  
B10 Kicks  
B11 Face The Machine  
B12 Party In Paris