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F & F ( Feedback & Fia)Disappearences Requiem Productions, REQ 036Requiem Productions1986NorwayTape
F. ArtSmells Ok ! noneNot on Label (self-released)1981GermanyTape
F. Pinckers & DDVJohann Sebastian Bach 1685-1985 Club Moral, CM42Club Moral1985BelgiumTape
F. YasumuraPre-ChaosDD.Records, DT021DD. Records1982JapanTape
F.A.R (Final Alternative Relation) & I ScreamDopo Numero 0MegaMagoMusic,Dopo N° 0MegaMagoMusic1985ItalyTape
F.A.R. ProsthesisLustADN TAPES 12ADN TAPES1985ItalyTape
F.A.R.N.And FriendsSyntape, SYN 019Syntape1983GermanyTape
F.A.R.N.SynvollSyntape, SYN 010Syntape1982GermanyTape
F.A.R.N.TeamworkSyntape, SYN 025Syntape1985GermanyTape
F.A.R.N. & Syn-CodeBrötzinger KonzerteSyntape, SYN 028Syntape1985GermanyTape
F.D.P. Schwizer SimerSoilant, S 1982SwitzerlandVinyl 7"
F.P.B.Live In Praha 84Ukrotnost TapesUkrotnost Tapes1986Czech RepublicTape
F/i3384UddersoundsUddersounds1984United StatesTape
F/iIllumanatiUddersoundsUddersounds1985United StatesTape
F/iInvisible MennoneNot on Label (self-released)1985United StatesTape
F/iLordsUddersoundsUddersounds1985United StatesTape
F/iMeridian ChannelSSS Productions, SSS6SSS Productions1987United StatesTape
F/iOn OffUdderSoundsUddersounds1984United StatesTape
F/iOneUddersoundsUddersounds1983United StatesTape
F/iOne & TwoUdderSoundsUddersounds1983United StatesTape
F/iRadio 2Cause and EffectCause and Effect1985United StatesTape
F/iStraight Jacket And AirUddersoundsUddersounds1984United StatesTape
F/iThresholdUdderSoundsUddersounds1987United StatesTape
F/iThresholdS.J. Organisation, S.J ORG 008S.J. Organisation1987FranceTape
F/iThresholdCalypso NowCalypso Now1987SwitzerlandTape
F/iTwoUddersoundsUddersounds1983United StatesTape
F/iYCause and EffectCause and Effect1985United StatesTape
F/iYUddersoundsUddersounds1984United StatesTape
F/iYCalypso Now, UD, 59Calypso Now1985SwitzerlandTape
F/iZombieRed Rat RecordingsRed Rat Recordings1985NetherlandsTape
F/iZombieUddersoundsUddersounds1984United StatesTape
F/i & Greyslay IIIF/i + Greyslay IIIZH27 149ZH271988United StatesTape
F:A.R.A Collection of F:A.R TapesTechnological Feeling0ItalyTape
F:A.R.Da Consumarsi Con Grazia AlbumDLL 003 R1985ItalyTape
F:A.R.Duello Sul CervelloTechnological Feeling, TF 01Technological Feeling1981ItalyTape
F:A.R.Final Alternative RelationTechnological Feeling, TF 02Technological Feeling1982ItalyTape
F:A.R.Final Alternative Relation none (F:A.R. Self-released, 2)Not on Label (self-released)1982ItalyTape
F:A.R.FrammentiTechnological Feeling, TF 09Technological Feeling1986ItalyTape
F:A.R. & Ritmo TribaleAllegato Sonoro - Amen This Is Religgion N° 5THX 1138 - noneAmen - THX 11381987ItalyTape
F:A.R. & Muslimgauzesplit - Manipulation (Live Extracts) / Death Of Saint Jarnaii Singh BhindranwaieMinus Habens Records, MHT 016Minus Habens Records1987ItalyTape
FaceLa Musique ElectroniquenoneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
Face Cancer & Seizure BoysLive / The KnifeSwinging Axe ProductionsSwinging Axe Productions1984United StatesTape
Face In The CrowdInfinite WreckageMedicinal Tapes, 0.197Medicinal Tapes1986FranceTape
Face In The CrowdNothing Left To Say noneNot on Label (self-released)1986United KingdomTape
Face In The CrowdPhoenixStride, Step 04Stride1984United KingdomTape
Face In The CrowdPlaying Music To An Empty RoomZeal SSZeal SS1986United KingdomTape
Face In The CrowdSax And Drums And Rock And RollStride, Step 61Stride1985United KingdomTape
Face In The CrowdScratching For Termites: The Best Of Face In The Crowd 1984-86Mystery Hearsay,Mystery Hearsay1986United StatesTape
Face In The CrowdSinging On The Narrow Ledge Artaman, noneArtaman1986United KingdomTape
Face In The CrowdStrange Disguise noneNot on Label (self-released)1987United KingdomTape
Face In The CrowdThe Family That Blows Up BuildingsStride, Step 58Stride1985United KingdomTape
Facialmess / Hermit Facialmess · HermitRecalcitrant Noise RN05 (USA), EXTREME POWER-LOADED ELECTRONICS + EXTREME SOUNDSCAPE IN SPECIAL PACKAGINGRecalcitrant Noise1997United StatesTape
Facio RictusHypnosFaçade; ?ADE 6 Façade1994FranceTape
Fact 22CharmeBlack MusicBlack Music1986United StatesTape
Fact 22Fantastic PlanetBlack MusicBlack Msuic1988United StatesTape
Fact 22The Magnetic Home TheatreBlack MusicBlack Msuic1988United StatesTape
Factor 42 & TeknitionOriginal Sin / Machine ReligionGeneral Purpose Cassettes 003General Purpose Cassettes1991United StatesTape
Factor 42 / Sin DromeSin FactorGeneral Purpose Cassettes GPC #001General Purpose Cassettes1989United StatesTape
Factor 6Beyond Birth And DeathDisabuse Transmissions, DT5Disabuse Transmissions0NetherlandsTape
Factor 6Chemical WarfareDisabuse Transmissions; Release Nr. 1 Disabuse Transmissions1986NetherlandsTape
Factor 6The Heretic C30Opus Dei, OPUS 06Opus Die Society1985NetherlandsTape
Factor X022 (Factor X 1985)Factor XFactor X1985United KingdomTape
Factor X026 (Factor X 1986)Factor XFactor X1986United KingdomTape
Factor X034 (Factor X 1989)Factor XFactor X1989United KingdomTape
Factor X123456789Not on Label (self-released)0Tape
Factor XA.M.Personal Soundtracks (UK), NOISE-RITUALPersonal Soundtracks0United KingdomTape
Factor XDirectionsMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 145Music & Elsewhere1993United KingdomTape
Factor XDirectionsHarsh Dept. Productions Harsh 005Harsh Dept. Productions1992GreeceTape
Factor XE.T.A.noneNot on Label (self-released)1983United KingdomTape
Factor XEntertainment Is Boring, Boredom Is More EntertainingInner Psyche Productions PSY 5 I.P.P.H.Q. (UK),Inner Psyche Productions0United KingdomTape
Factor XEveryone Wondering Who She WasFactor XFactor X1984United KingdomTape
Factor XPopular RepresentationPersonal Soundtracks (UK), ROUGH SHORT SAMPLES MIXED WITH ELECTR. LOOPS. INDUSTRIEL AMBIENCEPersonal Soundtracks0United KingdomTape
Factor XRohSchimpfluch, sht 20Schimpfluch0Tape
Factor XThe Music of SoundnoneNot on Label (self-released)0United KingdomTape
Factor X / AMKSchesisSPH, SPH037SPH0PortugalTape
FactoriesFactories Astir + Factories In FluxZH27 0121ZH271987United StatesTape
FactrixScheintotAdolescent Records AR-TT-009 1981United States Vinyl Lp
Fad GadgetAmsterdam Meervaart 29-1-83OZO Tape 005OZO Tape0NetherlandsTape
Fad GadgetHamburg Markthalle 29.3.1984noneNot on Label (self-released)0GermanyTape
Fad GadgetLive Zürich 23-3-83 Radio!Thieves Like UsNot on Label (self-released)1983SwitzerlandTape
Fad Gadget & NonRatinger Hof 1981LMT187LMT1983GermanyTape
Fähnlein Fieselschweif / Leben und ArbeitenLive Hamburg 1982E/605 TapesE 605 Tapes0GermanyTape
FågeldödKristus GapskrattandeKonduktör Rekords, Kr8Konduktör Rekords1985SwedenTape
Fahrenheit 45182-83noneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
FahrprüfungsameEdition RogerEdition Roger0GermanyTape
Fake DiskursParh ExtendedSchuldige Scheite SCH/SCH 101Schuldige Scheitel Tapes1985GermanyTape
Fallout Electric ClubShatterThe Subway Organisation Want 12The Subway Organisation1984United KingdomTape
FalschgesichterAlle Werden Siegen - Frisur Hat RechtMiezi Platten; Miezi Tape 02 Miezi Platten1981GermanyTape
Falso Movimento & Peter GordonOtelloROIR (Reachout International Records), A, 150ROIR (Reachout International Records)1987United StatesTape
FâLX çèrêbRiPyogenic OrganismGraf Haufen Tapes, GHT, noneGraf Haufen Tapes1983GermanyTape
FâLX çèrêbRiRite 64Fraction StudioFraction Studio1984FranceTape
FâLX çèrêbRiRite 64Calypso Now, GH, 50Calypso Now1984SwitzerlandTape
FâLX çèrêbRiRite 64Requiem Productions, REQ 021Requiem Productions1984NorwayTape
FâLX çèrêbRiRite 64Gut Level Music, GL2Gut Level Music1984United StatesTape
FâLX çèrêbRiRite 64Graf Haufen Tapes, GHT, 31Graf Haufen Tapes1984GermanyTape
FâLX çèrêbRiWassermusik 1 & 2noneGraf Haufen Tapes1982GermanyTape
FâLX çèrêbRi & Graf HaufenAntimuzickArtcore Editions, ACE-01Artcore Editions1985GermanyVinyl 7"