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O VeuxO VeuxnoneNot on Label (self-released)0BelgiumTape
O VeuxProfound ProfaneVanished Tapes VAT 2 1982BelgiumTape
O Yuki ConjugateInto Dark WaterFinal Image, FIB 4Final Image1987United KingdomTape
O Yuki ConjugateInto Dark WaterFinal Image, FIB 4 Final Image1984United Kingdom Vinyl Lp
O Yuki ConjugatePeyoteProjekt, PRO33Projekt1991United StatesTape
O Yuki ConjugatePromo-TapeFinal ImageFinal Image1983United KingdomTape
O Yuki ConjugateScene In MirageA-Mission Records, numb 18:18 A-Mission Records1984United Kingdom Vinyl Lp
O Yuki ConjugateScene In Mirage / SoundtracksFinal Image, FIC 7Final Image1985United KingdomTape
O Yuki ConjugateUntitledStaalplaat, ST 001 Staalplaat1995NetherlandsVinyl 7"
O!KultRazredni Boj Je Edino Gibalo ZgodovineGalerija ŠKUC IzdajaGalerija ŠKUC Izdaja1983Tape
O'Nancy In FrenchO'Nancy In FrenchAQM 104AQM1984JapanTape
O-Veux & Coyote And The Lost DakotasLive Molen Alken Mei 1985nude 13Nude Records1985BelgiumTape
O. OlsenSolo RecordingsExtreme, DEX 4666Extreme1987AustraliaTape
O. OlsonSolo RecordingsExtreme DEX 4666 (AUS), FT. MURPHY, MARIE HOYExtreme1987AustraliaTape
O.C. LastRetreatLucky Baby Retreat HouseLucky Baby Retreat House1986United StatesTape
O.F.I.Kill 'Em All Let God Sort Them OutArtaman, 6Artaman1986United KingdomTape
O.I.P.Underground Man Appear In TokyoAUDIOFILE TAPES 182 FROM OKANIWA FUMIHIRO KIND OF DELIRIUM TREMENSaudiofile Tapes1994United StatesTape
O.R.D.U.C.Fast Forward Special Sampler Cassette New Bulwark Records & Tapes, 201-8116 New Bulwark Records & Tapes1981NetherlandsTape
O.R.D.U.C.New CubismNew Bulwark Records & Tapes 202-8126 New Bulwark Records & Tapes1981NetherlandsTape
O.R.D.U.C.pre Pink and PurpleNew Bulwark Records & Tapes 203-8101 New Bulwark Records & Tapes1981NetherlandsTape
O.R.D.U.C.The BeatearNew Bulwark Records & Tapes 202-8403 New Bulwark Records & Tapes1984NetherlandsTape
O.T.H.Coeur Et CuirKronchtadt Tapes, KT 400Kronchtadt Tapes1985FranceTape
O.T.O.B (Bert Papenfuß)Unfugs Beginnens VerrichtungnoneNot on Label (self-released)1984FranceTape
Ob MinimaxNOXCentraal Tapes, CT05Centraal Tapes1983NetherlandsTape
OberonOberonMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 396Music & Elsewhere1997United KingdomTape
Oblique1Self-releasedNot on Label (self-released)1983AustraliaTape
Oblique2noneNot on Label (self-released)1983AustraliaTape
Oblivious ScientistSounds for NestraSIlver Wheel MusicSIlver Wheel Music1997United StatesTape
Obscurity AgeObscurity AgeTHX 1138 - noneAmen - THX 11381984ItalyTape
Observation CliniqueThe Mental Answer 1 Recloose Organisation, Loose 003 ARecloose Organisation1984United KingdomTape
Obviously EnesovObviously EnesovAlternative Capitalists, ACC 003Alternative Capitalists1980United KingdomTape
Ocarina OrchestraIt Must Have Been the Candle / Most Holy RedeemerNew Wilderness Audiographics, 8126ANew Wilderness Audiographics0Tape
Ocarina OrchestraOcarina OrchestraNew Wilderness Audiographics, 8126ANew Wilderness Audiographics1980United StatesTape
OccupantNo Specific AnswernoneNot on Label (self-released)1984United StatesTape
Octopus's GardenChronicles Of A Lost LandElectronical Dreams; 046Electronical Dreams1995United KingdomTape
OdalAgainst HumanityLor Teeps, 29Lor Teeps1988NetherlandsTape
OdalDesintegrationIndustrial Therapy Unit i.t.u.12, Nihilistic Recordings none Industrial Therapy Unit1988United StatesTape
OdalDisguised RenewalInterrupt ProductsInterrupt Products1989United StatesTape
OdalGroeitraumaNihilistic Recordings,NhR083Nihilistic Recordings1987NetherlandsTape
OdalInterferonNihilistic Recordings, NhR015Nihilistic Recordings1987NetherlandsTape
OdalLenin StinktNihilistic Recordings, NhR035Nihilistic Recordings1987NetherlandsTape
OdalMoral MajorityNihilistic RecordingsNihilistic Recordings0NetherlandsTape
OdalNihilist DogsBloedvlagProduktBloedvlagProdukt1986NetherlandsTape
OdalNo Big BangSounds for Consciousness Rape SFCR 14 (F), SOUNDS TO MEDITATE ON INFINITY, SPECIAL PACKAGINGSounds For Consciousness Rape1990FranceTape
OdalOnzuiver BloedIndustrial Therapy Unit i.t.u. 4 Industrial Therapy Unit1987CanadaTape
OdalPositiv SoundsculpturesBloedvlagProduktBloedvlagProdukt1986NetherlandsTape
OdalPotentOpus Dei, OPUS 16Opus Die Society1986NetherlandsTape
OdalPotentNihilistic Recordings; NhR 007Nihilistic Recordings1986NetherlandsTape
OdalThe Choice Of A New GenerationKorm Plastics, Kp 487Korm Plastics1987NetherlandsTape
OdalThe Choice Of A New GenerationKorm Plastics kp 487 Korm Plastics1987NetherlandsTape-2
OdalTV ArtBloedvlagProduktBloedvlagProdukt1986NetherlandsTape
Odal and Due Process Independence Day Celebration Nihilistic Recordings, NhR054Nihilistic Recordings0NetherlandsTape
Odal In Collaboration With Üriniglirimirnaglü..Meets S.S. Bla!Nihilistic Recordings, NhR011Nihilistic Recordings1987NetherlandsTape
Ode FIlipicaJanusjusSPH, SPH022SPH0PortugalTape
Odessapromo tape n°3noneNot on Label (self-released)1983FranceTape
Odessapromo tape n°5noneNot on Label (self-released)1983FranceTape
Odvazna Srdce / R.D.M.Skeptical? Eat This Tape Now!Not on Label (self-released)0Tape
OeleoSea of NectarnoneNot on Label (self-released)1996United StatesTape
Off BandAll these PlanetsHoersten TapesHörsten Tapes1983GermanyTape
Off BandLinks Wo Das Herz Ist (as Off Band und die Waffelschmiede)noneNot on Label (self-released)1987Germany Vinyl Lp
Off BandLive in HollywoodHoersten TapesHörsten Tapes1983GermanyTape
Off BandNummer 5Hoersten TapesHörsten Tapes1983GermanyTape
Off BandOff BandHörsten TapesHörsten Tapes1982GermanyTape
Off BandTape Nr.7/1985Hoersten TapesHörsten Tapes1985GermanyTape
Off BandThe Red SoundtrackHörsten TapesHörsten Tapes1985GermanyTape
Off BandWe Are Not the ResidentsHoersten TapesHörsten Tapes1983GermanyTape
Off MusicDon't ask why / Suspicious / Steel Hotel / ToshibaHoersten TapesHörsten Tapes0GermanyTape
Officer! (Mick Hobbs)8 New Songs By Mick Hobbs AAA C01AAA1983FranceTape
Officine Schwartz & DsorDNEIn Concerto A El PasoNautilus, El PasoNautilus1989FranceTape
OffspringsameRaz Recordings 003RAZ Recordings1989United StatesTape
OgoAlter EgoBInaria; 0001Binaria1997MexicoTape
OH 78 ÜzähögünnoneNot on Label (self-released)1979GermanyTape
OH 87 (Offensive Herbst 87)Live 82, ReutlingenVolltrefferVolltreffer1983GermanyTape
OH 87 (Offensive Herbst 87)Zu Keiner ZeitHeimat Records, HR 002 Heimat Records1981GermanyVinyl 7"
Ohbi DakaWhy Russia Is Better In SpaceZH27 124ZH271988United StatesTape
Ohi Ho Bang BangThe ThreeNot defined YetNot defined Yet0Video
OHL1000 KreuzeRock-O-Rama Records, RRR 12 1982Germany Vinyl Lp
OHLDemos & LivenoneNot on Label (self-released)1981GermanyTape
Ohne Unter Titel (O.U.T. Production)HeidilandDas Cassetten Combinat, 81 016Das Cassetten Combinat1981GermanyTape
Ohne Unter Titel (O.U.T. Production)Ihr Könnt Uns Nicht TötenDas Cassetten Combinat, 81 017Das Cassetten Combinat1981GermanyTape
Ohne Unter Titel (O.U.T. Production)In Aller MundeDas Cassetten Combinat, 81 0113Das Cassetten Combinat1981GermanyTape
Ohne Unter Titel (O.U.T. Production)Kopfmassage History in KarangandaDas Cassetten Combinat, 81 011Das Cassetten Combinat1981GermanyTape
Ohne Unter Titel (O.U.T. Production)Live Boots MonononeNot on Label (self-released)1981GermanyTape
OhrlöckOhrlöck - Sagt NeinKunta Kinte Tapes KKT 02Kunta Kinte Tapes1984GermanyTape
Ohrlöck & OlfhüstAnhalten Und Aussteigen!Kunta Kinte Tapes KKT 06Kunta Kinte Tapes1985GermanyTape
OhtomoInsightYLEM 104YLEM1981JapanTape
Oisann BoysStrength Through OiNeronastri NN 08Neronastri1984NorwayTape
OjasLive 82Ojas Music, OM, 006Ojas Music1983United StatesTape
OjasLotussongs 1Ojas Music, OM, 002Ojas Music1979United StatesTape
OjasLotussongs 2Ojas Music, OM, 003Ojas Music1980United StatesTape
OjasRebirthOjas MusicOjas Music1982United StatesTape
OjasSeven Levels Of Man AlbumOjas Music, OM, 001Ojas Music1982United StatesTape
OjasThe Trance TapeOjas Music, OM-005Ojas Music1982United StatesTape
OjasTrance Tape #1Ojas Music. OM, 007Ojas Music1983United StatesTape
OjasTrance Tape #2Ojas Music, OM, 008Ojas Music1984United StatesTape
Okaniwa FumihiroCI Keieioh Taiansulu Gendai Records; 003Gendai Records1994JapanTape
Okano FutoshiRock Drum BasicAlchemy Records ARVC-011Alchemy Records0JapanVideo
Okopenko / Hojsa & Emersberger Jaschke & Various Mei WeanerliedFreibordFreibord1995AustriaTape