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Artist: Uncommunity

Year: 1987
Country: Canada
Catalog No: Freedom in a Vacuum, VACT.07
Format: Tape
Spezification: Reissue
A1 Doktrine 7:47
A2 Spurt White Cut Black 4:41
A3 Mindretch 6:52
A4 Third Testament 5:57
A5 Braindanke 6:58
A6 Optional Aktion 7:57
B1 Praktikal Meat Inspektion 3:35
B2 Feast Of Skulls 3:05
B3 Speakhnaked 3:46
B4 Sukaut Theevile 3:03
B5 Achtongue 6:42
B6 We Are The Gun, Eat It 5:12
B7 Spirits Of Concrete 4:36
B8 Rats Of Noise 5:23
B9 Insistent 0:26
B10 Strukture In Commotion 1:35
B11 Disgust In Pieces Of Filth 2:24