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Prisonshake (10 Song E.P.)Herb Jackson Records HJR 4712 1987United StatesVinyl 7"
Heltir 69 Rituals The Happiest Place On Earth; HA10 The Happiest Place On Earth1989United StatesTape
Amk / Ab AmericaBanned Production, bp 3Banned Production0United StatesTape
Big City Orchestra And When We Get Homme, We Find Someone Else's Male FDR Tapes; FDR#053F.D.R. Tapes1997United StatesTape
Boyd Rice Boyd Rice noneNot on Label (self-released)1977United States Vinyl Lp
State Of Confusion (SOC) Confusion Or Control noneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
The McLean Mix Electro-Surrealistic Landscapes Opus One Number 96 1985United States Vinyl Lp
Fake Feeling Institute Fake Feelings Institute And Audio Leter Present... ?CNLF, noneCNLF1987United StatesTape
Magnetic Head Cleaners I Want To Function With YouBreak'er Records, B.R. 45-111 1980United StatesVinyl 7"
Various I'd Rather Be In PhiladelphiaBurn Potential Records, BPR 203 1983United States Vinyl Lp
Mighty Sphincter In The Kingdom Of HeavenPlacebo Records, PLA-23 Placebo Records1987United StatesVinyl 12"
Michael Garrison In The Regions Of SunreturnWindspell Records, WS 112856 1979United States Vinyl Lp
Various Induced Musical Spasticity: Buttecounty Free Music Society Twentyfifth Anniversary (1984-2009)Butte County Free Music Society, BUFMS250United StatesVinyl Lp-4
JFK Inna Inner Amen Sound Of Pig, SOP 137Sound of Pig Music1987United StatesTape
Luciano Berio Luciano Berio, The Swingle Singers, The New York Philharmonic, Cathy Berberian ?– Sinfonia / Visage CBS.61079 Series: Music Of Our Time CBS Classics1969United States Vinyl Lp
Merzbow Merzbow Kill Emil BeaulieauRRRecords1992United States Vinyl Lp
Gil Mellé MindscapeBlue Note, B1-92168 1989United States Vinyl Lp
Dick Hyman Moog - The Electric Eclectics Of Dick HymanCommand, COM 938-S1969United States Vinyl Lp
Theatre Of Ice mouse bloodDemented Mind Mill, 010Demented Mind Mill1985United StatesTape
John Duesenberry Movements For Tape And Prepared Piano; Moduletude; Phrase; 3 Variations, 2 InterludesOpus On, Number 60 1982United States Vinyl Lp
Various Mutant Pop 78/79PVC Records, PVC 7912 1980United States Vinyl Lp
Eugene Chadbourne My New Life #2Parachute0United StatesTape
Eugene Chadbourne My New Life #8Parachute0United StatesTape
David Behrman On The Other OceanLovely Music, LML 1041 Lovely Music1977United States Vinyl Lp
Abner Malaty Patina (A Collection Of Simple Archaic Structures) noneNot on Label (self-released)1990United StatesTape
Robert Ashley Private PartsLovely Music, Ltd. LML 1001 Lovely Music1979United States Vinyl Lp
Z'ev (Stefan Weisser) Salts Of Heavy MetalsInfidelity, JMB-237 1981United StatesVinyl 12"
Tuxedomoon Scream With A ViewPRE Records, PRE 7 121980United StatesVinyl 12"
Karlheinz Stockhausen / The Negative Band Short WaveFinnadar Records SR 9009 1975United States Vinyl Lp
Nurse With Wound Space MusicBeta-Lactam Ring Records mt080c, Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt081 0United StatesVinyl Lp-2
Pauline Anna Strom SpectreTrans-Millenia Consort Recordings, TMCR 2003 Trans-Millenia Consort Recordings1984United States Vinyl Lp
Le Forte Four Spin 'N GrinLos Angeles Free Music Society LAFMS#13 Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS)1981United States Vinyl Lp
Glenn Branca Symphony No. 3 (Gloria) Music For The First 127 Intervals Of The Harmonic Series Neutra Records, Neutral 41983United States Vinyl Lp
Minóy The Conditions Of Post Modern Male Bonding Sound of Pig, SOP 214Sound of Pig Music1987United StatesTape
Various The Nova ConventionGiorno Poetry Systems, GPS 014-015 Giorno Poetry Systems1979United StatesVinyl Lp-2
Residents The Third Reich 'N' RollRalph Records, RR1075 Ralph Records1976United States Vinyl Lp
Roger Reynolds VoicespaceLovely Music, VR 1801-2 Lovely Music1982United StatesVinyl Lp-2
Various Warmth And SilenceEpitapes, noneEpitapes1988United StatesTape
William S. Burroughs / John Giorno William S. Burroughs / John GiornoGiorno Poetry Systems, GPS 006-007 Giorno Poetry Systems1975United StatesVinyl Lp-2
WOZ WOZUlterior, ULT 1000 1981United States Vinyl Lp
Crash Worship!Pyru!Charnel Music, CHS-3Charnel Music1994United StatesVinyl 7"
Non Sequiter#14 - AAA ShuddupNSQ ProductionsNSQ Productions0United StatesTape
Wallmen$ 3.00Dead JudyDead Judy1987United StatesTape
Please Get Up On(1) Please Get Up On ZH27, 185ZH271986United StatesTape
Please Get Up On(2) Please Get Up OnZH27 186ZH271988United StatesTape
Please Get Up On(3) Please Get Up OnZH27 187ZH271988United StatesTape
Please Get Up On(4) Please Get Up OnZH27 188ZH271988United StatesTape
Please Get Up On(5) Please Get Up OnZH27 189ZH271988United StatesTape
Ice Cream Blisters+ / orGGE RecordsGGE Records1987United StatesTape
Dave Clark & Walter Drake... I Refuse To Go Up To The Attic / Somnolent WalksEvolutionary Music #05Evolutionary Music1988United StatesTape
Steve Fisk...'Til The Night Closes InKK1986United StatesTape
Steve Fisk...'Til The Night Closes InA.R.P.H. Tapes, A T # 016A.R.P.H. Tapes1986United StatesTape
Allen Ginsberg...and the Daily PlanetEMR RH60United States Vinyl Lp
Blackhumour...It Was InappropriateBanned Production-BP- 23Banned Production1987United StatesTape
Malaria!...RevisitedROIR (Reachout International Records), A, 123ROIR (Reachout International Records)1983United StatesTape
The Paisley-Hued Eucalyptus Corkscrew Pavillion...She Explodes And The Morning Is Filled With The Fragrance Of Fresh Tea...Sound of Pig, SOP 63Sound of Pig Music0United StatesTape
Barry Cleveland...with Bob Stohl Kat Epple Michael MasleyAudion Recording Co ?SYNC 101 / Barry Cleveland TI-2Audion Recording1985United StatesTape
Ken Clinger0 To 21 (Plus) Sound Of Pig, SOP 123 Sound of Pig Music1988United StatesTape
Sequencer People1Engram, ENGC 007Engram Records & Tapes1982United StatesTape
Air1 (S/Sided)ZH27 211ZH271988United StatesTape
Warworld1 - End Of The Wild Frontier noneNot on Label (self-released)1987United StatesTape
Steve Fisk1 More ValleyKK1985United StatesTape
1/2 Japanese1/2 LivenoneNot on Label (self-released)1979United StatesTape
Set (Charles Rick Kelly)10 original funk rock songsCloset StudiosCloset Studios1988United StatesTape
Zzaj10 Years AfterZzaj ProductionsZzaj Productions0United StatesTape
tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE10 Yrs In 10 (T)'sWidemouth Tapes WID, 116Widemouth Tapes1987United StatesTape
Various10+2: 12 American Text Sound Pieces1750 Arch Records, S-1752 1975United States Vinyl Lp
La Famille10,000 Years / Sand of TimePorkopolis 94Porkopolis1984United StatesTape
Mike Crooker10.12.88 RhythmGGE RecordsGGE Records1988United StatesTape
Mike Crooker10.14.88 KeysGGE RecordsGGE Records1988United StatesTape
Bret Hart100 Per Cent UnofficialnoneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
Yeht Mae1000 veinsnoneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
Mike Crooker11.17.89 GuitarGGE Records, GGLPS-89/71GGE Records1989United StatesTape
Alien Planetscapes11/19/95 The Living Edge WESU-FM 88.11995United StatesTape
Chris Mezzolesta12GGE Records ; GGLPS-86113GGE Records1986United StatesTape
Various12 o clock highAtavistic;Atavistic0United StatesVideo
Various120 Minutes Of Unusual Arrangements For A Removed Rising Plumbiferous Fibroid Subject Old Europa Cafe, OEC 077 Old Europa Cafe1995United StatesTape
13481348Watergate Tapes; 01Watergate Tapes1983United StatesTape
134814f13Sound of Pig, SOP 157Sound of Pig Music0United StatesTape
134814f13Sound of Pig; sop157Sound of Pig Music1988United StatesTape
Illusion Of Safety15ComplacencyS (USA),Complacency0United StatesTape
NotE15 Minutes Of Our LivesZH27 0164ZH271984United StatesTape
Wire154Restless Retro; 7 72362-4 1989United StatesTape
Bodycocktail16 - Miscellaneous ManiasKitti Tapes / Zidsic 196 458Kitti Tapes1996United StatesTape
Pierre Jouvet1812, poemenoneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
Cello18pt. TYPE 3with plain yellow cover0United StatesTape
Hal McGee1909EHaltapesHaltapes1998United StatesTape
Hamas1948Divided none , INFERNAL ELECTRONIC MIND-ASSAULTDivided1991United StatesTape
Jesse Glass1979noneNot on Label (self-released)1979United StatesTape
Disarray (DSRA)1979-1986 Flaws IntactAhooastia RecordingAhooastia Recording1986United StatesTape
New Order1981-1982 FACTUS 8Factory1982United StatesVinyl 12"
Paul Johnson1982-1987Hepcat; HC20Hepcat0United StatesTape
Big City Orchestra1984UBUIBI, noneUBUIBI1984United StatesTape
Ashley Allen1984Porkopolis0United StatesTape
Musik Werks1984 - Colorado Suite by Jack SchrageRiver Musik Werks – RMW 5 River Musik Werks1984United StatesTape
Immolation by SCUM1984-88Corrupt RecordsCorrupt Records1988United StatesTape
Bill Rhodes1986Jazzical RecordsJazzical Records1986United StatesTape
Radiotron1988noneNot on Label (self-released)1988United StatesTape
Amanda Man1988Frustapes; AMY788Frustapes1988United StatesTape
Gench1988self-releasedNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape