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E Ucho Debil AccordStanding At The WallOld Europa CafÈOld Europa Cafe1985ItalyTape
E-605FickanoneNot on Label (self-released)1982Tape
E-605Live 83noneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
E-Coli (Escherichia Coli)Die Traurigkeit, Die Toten KannGBC3Gezonde Boerse Copulaties1984BelgiumTape
E-Coli (Escherichia Coli)Sonk JJBBT 05BB Tapes1983United KingdomTape
E-Coli (Escherichia Coli)Wo Sind Die Blumenkinder Geblieben?Gezonde Boerse Copulaties; GBC 01 Gezonde Boerse Copulaties1983BelgiumTape
E-Coli (Wolfgang Wiggers)Lag PhasenoneNot on Label (self-released)1981GermanyTape
E.C..D.P. (El Coleccionista De Poliedros)MĂĄquinas Y Sonidos noneNot on Label (self-released)1987SpainTape
E.E. Vonna-Michell / Lawrence UptonBurnum Bush - Hums & Clicks. first Performance June 1978Balsam Flex 23Balsam Flex1978United KingdomTape
E.E. Vonna-Michell / Lawrence UptonCourse / Completion No.8Balsam Flex 31Balsam Flex1978United KingdomTape
E.E. Vonna-Michell / Lawrence UptonScotch Start / No You Don'tBalsam FlexBalsam Flex1978United KingdomTape
E.E. Vonna-Michell / Lawrence UptonUntitled + Untitled No.1Balsam Flex 24Balsam Flex1978United KingdomTape
E.E. Vonna-Michell / Lawrence UptonUntitled 12 + Untiteld 18Balsam Flex 28Balsam Flex1978United KingdomTape
E.E. Vonna-Michell / Lawrence UptonUntitled 3 + Untitled No.7Balsam Flex 25Balsam Flex1978United KingdomTape
E.E. Vonna-Michell / Lawrence UptonUntitled 4 + Untitled No.5Balsam Flex 26Balsam Flex1978United KingdomTape
E.E. Vonna-Michell / Lawrence UptonUntitled 9 + Safari Cord GibsonBalsam Flex 27Balsam Flex1978United KingdomTape
E.g Oblique GraphExtended PlayKinematograph Tapes, KT001Kinematograph Tapes1982United KingdomTape
E.g Oblique GraphInhaltKinematograph Tapes, KT003Kinematograph Tapes1983United KingdomTape
E.g Oblique GraphPiano RoomKinematograph Tapes, KT002Kinematograph Tapes1982United KingdomTape
E.g Oblique GraphTriptych E.PRecloose Organisation, LOOSE 002 Recloose Organisation1982United KingdomVinyl 7"
E.M.M.A.Make Mine MilknoneLucky Baby Retreat House1988United StatesTape
E.S.P. (Extra Sensory Perception)s/tAfter Birth RecordsAfter Birth Records0NorwayTape
E601Wer Pattel sagt muss auch Pedal sagenKassetto Fix KF 03Kassetto Fix1982GermanyTape
EA802 Takte SpÀternoneNot on Label (self-released)1985Germany Vinyl Lp
EA80Der Mord FĂ€llt Aus noneNot on Label (self-released)1982GermanyTape
EA80EA80 / II. Liga (Split with the band II. Liga)Jungen + Technik 1 1981GermanyTape
EA80LichtnoneNot on Label (self-released)1989Germany Vinyl Lp
EA80Mehr SchreienoneNot on Label (self-released)1987Germany Vinyl Lp
EA80SchauspieleEFA 11530 Not on Label (self-released)1992Germany Vinyl Lp
EA80SchreienoneNot on Label (self-released)1983Germany Vinyl Lp
EA80Zweihundertzwei noneNot on Label (self-released)1990Germany Vinyl Lp
Ear FoodLivenoneNot on Label (self-released)1980United StatesTape
Ear ThingsDesign 9E.H. Harlequin ProductionsE.H. Harlequin Productions1986United StatesTape
EardrumsamenoneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
EarnerveClacridox WarriorJoy Street Studios, noneJoy Street Studios1988United StatesTape
EarnerveEaracheRadarRadar1989United StatesTape
EarnerveMethane Spirals From Uranus Joy Street StudiosJoy Street Studios1987United StatesTape
EarnerveTesla SeanceJoy Street Studios, noneJoy Street Studios1988United StatesTape
Earnest WoodallHouse Of StairsDaystarDaystar1988United StatesTape
Earth1Music & Elsewhere; M&E 309Music & Elsewhere1995United KingdomTape
EarthAccess 1994Music & Elsewhere; M&E 326Music & Elsewhere1996United KingdomTape
EarthEvil PrincessMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 371Music & Elsewhere1997United KingdomTape
EarthIntruderMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 327Music & Elsewhere1996United KingdomTape
EarthMoonMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 404Music & Elsewhere1997United KingdomTape
EarthMoonnoneNot on Label (self-released)0GermanyTape
EarthQ4Music & Elsewhere, M&E 344Music & Elsewhere1996United KingdomTape
EarthSchlaflosMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 484Music & Elsewhere1999United KingdomTape
EarthSiriusMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 461Music & Elsewhere1999United KingdomTape
EarthSupernautMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 430Music & Elsewhere1998United KingdomTape
EarthThe Universal WitchMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 323Music & Elsewhere1996United KingdomTape
Earwig SpectreMusic by Which to Dine in someone's BowelsDavid Boyden ProductionsDavid Boyden Productions0United StatesTape
Earwig SpectreThe Happiest HitsnoneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
East Bionic SymphoniaEast Bionic SymphoniaALM, CAL-3001ALM1976JapanTape
East Bionic SymphoniaRecorded LiveLam Records, LA-3001 1999Germany Vinyl Lp
east of edenLive Performance Demoperfection productionperfection production0United StatesTape
East of Eden BandThe Poetry and Music of Hedwig G.G....noneNot on Label (self-released)1986United StatesTape
Eat Drink and be JerrysamenoneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
Eberhard Fiebig / Walter Weber-KrĂŒgerMetaller0GermanyVinyl 7"
Eberhard SchoenerBali-AgĂșngHarvest 1C 062-29 647, HÖR ZU 1C 062-29 647, EMI Electrola 1C 062-29 647 1976Germany Vinyl Lp
Eberhard SchoenerMeditationKuckuck1982Germany Vinyl Lp
Eberhard SchoenerMeditationAriola 87 131 IU 1974Germany Vinyl Lp
Eberhard SchoenerMeditationAriola 87 131 IU 1974Germany Vinyl Lp
Ecclesiastical ScaffoldingA Book Of LiesExtreme;Extreme1988AustraliaTape
Ecclesiastical ScaffoldingEcclesiastical Scaffolding ExtremeExtreme1987AustraliaTape
Echo And The BunnymanLive 1983noneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
Echo And The BunnymanLive Hamburg Markthalle 1981Mutterstolz Records, noneMutterstolz Records1981GermanyTape
Eckhard RhodeLesungenWestdeutscher Rundfunk0GermanyReel
Ecole Classique AnfractuositéLignes Paralleles Et AnfractousitismeIllusion Production, IP 006Illusion Production1980FranceTape
EdRock And Roll Is Cool, Daddy, And You Know It!Music & Elsewhere; M&E 485Music & Elsewhere1999United KingdomTape
Ed FreemanQuantum LeapnoneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
Ed HerrmannDespite GravityIonizations / Audio TexturesIonizations / Audio Textures0United StatesTape
Ed HerrmannElectronic MusicIonizations / Audio TexturesIonizations / Audio Textures1983United StatesTape
Ed HerrmannMidland SunIonizations / Audio TexturesIonizations / Audio Textures1982United StatesTape
Ed Herrmann & Dwight FrizzellIn Praise of the Midland Sun / Skif SuiteIonizations / Audio TexturesIonizations / Audio Textures1984United StatesTape
Ed Sanders and Michael BrownsteinsameBlack Box / Poet's Audio Center: C 704Naropa Institiute1976United StatesTape
Ed Van FleetMigrationEd Van FleetEd Van Fleet1987United StatesTape
Eddie Prévost / OrganumFlayed / Crux Silent R 8704 1987United KingdomTape
Eddy & PokeyEat LunchmetnoneNot on Label (self-released)1986United StatesTape
Eddy FontaineFonteinfilmself-releasedNot on Label (self-released)1982Tape
Eddy FontaineProblemmanself-releasedNot on Label (self-released)1981Tape
EdelmetallEdelmetallNot On LabelNot on Label (self-released)0GermanyTape
Edgar FroeseAquaVirgin, 840041, Virgin, XBLY 840.041 1974France Vinyl Lp
Edgar FroeseEpsilon In Malaysian Pale Virgin, XBLY 940 510 1975France Vinyl Lp
Edgar FroeseMaculaBrain, 0060.008, Brain, 60.008 1977Germany Vinyl Lp
Edgar HellwigNightcrystal (with Peter SchÀfer)Pentagram RecordsPentagram Productions1984GermanyTape
Edgar ZaksekThis Perfect DaySyntape, SYN 016Syntape1983GermanyTape
Edgar ZaksekThis Perfect DayPentprod 004 / SyntapePentagram Productions1983GermanyTape
Edition Grundmann-NeubertExtractions Vol.2Music & Elsewhere; M&E 460Music & Elsewhere1999United KingdomTape
Edna O'BrienA Conversation at Waltons Restaurant Audio Arts Volume 2 Number 3Audio Arts1975United KingdomTape
EdoGreatest HitsOnly Tapes 8Only Tapes1981ItalyTape
Educational SurveyAuditory HallucinationsNever Never LandNever Never Land1984AustraliaTape
Educational SurveyL'Affair Etrange De Mary BellNever Never Land0AustraliaTape
Educational Survey / No HissReason To Mutilate / ResearchNever Never LandNever Never Land1982AustraliaTape
Edward Dorn GunslingerBook I, Book II, The Cycle (Part 1)Edition S Press, TONBAND No. 43/44Edition S Press, S Press Tonbandverlag1975GermanyTape
Edward Dorn GunslingerBook I, Book II, The Cycle (Part 1)Edition S Press, TONBAND No. 43-44Edition S Press, S Press Tonbandverlag1975GermanyReel
Edward Ka-SpelAaazhyd China Doll Torso, TORSO 33028 1987Netherlands Vinyl Lp
Edward Ka-SpelApples Big! China DollAudiofile Tapes, aT 34audiofile Tapes1987United StatesTape
Edward Ka-SpelDance, China DollIn Phaze Records, HAZ6 In Phaze Records1984United KingdomVinyl 12"
Edward Ka-Spelextracts from The Inferno / The Char Char (version one)The 3rd Ear, OZEN 047The 3rd Ear0Tape
Edward Ka-SpelEyes! China Doll Scarface, FACE 13 1985Belgium Vinyl Lp