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NFünf Schöne Lieder Für WindorgelNo Rekords 015, LIMITED TO 27 COPIES (MINE IS #33???)No Rekords1998GermanyTape
NPresenz Of AngelsNo Rekords 006 LIMITED TO 9 COPIESNo Rekords1996GermanyTape
NZelebrating The Last DaiesNo Rekords 008 LIMITED TO 100No Rekords1997GermanyTape
N. Takemura, Y. Fujimoto, T. Kamada, K. Usami, M. Sasaki, C. Mukai, T. Kuramoto, T. NakamuraAug 28DD.Records, DT157DD. Records1983JapanTape
N.N. und ähnliche ElementeOPUS CCCXIVNo Edition Band 54No Edition1992GermanyTape
N.O.M. / The Throbe InstituteUntitledSlaughter Productions SPT 24 (I), DARK, DRONING AMBIENT EXPERIMENTSSlaughter Productions1994ItalyTape
N.R. HillsNailsDirection Music, DMC 03Direction Music1989United KingdomTape
N33sameLonely Whistle Music, noneLonely Whistle Music1988United StatesTape
N33sameHayoon Limit 02Hayoon Limit?1988FranceTape
Nachdenkliche WehrpflichtigePolitik Für Junge LeuteZickzack Platten ZZ 8 ZickZack Platten1980GermanyVinyl 7"
Nacht und Nebel (Ezio Albrile)Necroindustria I and IInoneNot on Label (self-released)1983ItalyTape
Nacht'raum & Nisus Anal FurglerNisus Anal Furgler Nacht'raumCalypso NowCalypso Now1984SwitzerlandTape
NachtfahrtAugen BlickenoneNot on Label (self-released)1983GermanyTape
NachzehrerNachzehrerMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 140Music & Elsewhere1992United KingdomTape
NagamatzuIgniting the CorpseMotorcadeMotorcade1991United KingdomTape
NagamatzuMelkweg LivenoneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
NagamatzuSacred Islands Of The MadMystery Hearsay, noneMystery Hearsay1986United StatesTape
NagamatzuShatter DaysnoneNot on Label (self-released)1983United KingdomTape
NaifNaifMirage Tapes, M404Mirage Tapes1981United KingdomTape
Nails Ov ChristAnno DominiZeal SSZeal SS0United KingdomTape-2
Nails Ov ChristBeat Of The BloodFreedom in a Vacuum, VACT.10Freedom In A Vacuum1987CanadaTape
Nails Ov ChristBeat Of The BloodV5V1986GermanyTape
Nails Ov ChristBeat Of The BloodFreedom In A Vacuum – 025Freedom In A Vacuum1985CanadaTape
Nails Ov ChristBeat Of The Blood Korm Plastics, kp 13 Korm Plastics1985NetherlandsTape
Nails Ov ChristDark Night Of The SoulZeal SSZeal SS0United KingdomTape
Nails Ov ChristDark Night Of The SoulFreedom in a Vacuum, VACT.08Freedom In A Vacuum0Tape
Nails Ov ChristDark Night Of The Soul Freedom in a Vacuum, VACT.08Freedom In A Vacuum1987CanadaTape
Nails Ov ChristDark Night Of The SoulSound of Pig, SOP 020Sound of Pig Music1985United StatesTape
Nails Ov ChristPunishment Is CorrectionFreedom in a Vacuum, VACT.11Freedom In A Vacuum1987CanadaTape
Nails Ov ChristPunishment Is CorrectionBloedvlagProduktBloedvlagProdukt1986NetherlandsTape
Nails Ov ChristPunishment Is CorrectionSound Of Pig, SOP 058Sound of Pig Music1986United StatesTape
Nails Ov ChristPunishment Is CorrectionFreedom in a Vacuum, VACT.11Freedom In A Vacuum1985Tape
Nails Ov ChristPunishment Is CorrectionExtremeExtreme0AustraliaTape
Nails Ov ChristThe Beat Of The BloodExtremeExtreme0AustraliaTape
Nails Ov ChristThe Beat Of The BloodFreedom in a Vacuum, VACT.10Freedom In A Vacuum0Tape
Nails Ov ChristThe Lord Loves HolocaustsStinky Horse Fuck,SHF K7003Stinky Horse Fuck0United KingdomTape
Nails Ov Christ & UDCFools KnowledgeStride, Step 63Stride1985United KingdomTape
NajActiviti SpoonnoneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
NajAiair / Ferumen InoneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
NajAkalaMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 242Music & Elsewhere1994United KingdomTape
Najc.o. / materialnoneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
NajFaceismMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 241Music & Elsewhere1994United KingdomTape
NajfixthemeteronthezeropositionTundra Records, 6403Tundra Records0Tape
NajNaj on NajN D, REF 3N.D.0Tape
Najsosnow / vonianoneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
NajSpoiled Spinal ColumnMusic & Elsewhere; M&E 188Music & Elsewhere1993United KingdomTape
NajVioletouch / Resituation SmilenoneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
Nakamura & UsamiLive et al.DD.Records, DT173DD. Records1984JapanTape
Naked Pygmy VolesBerlin HorsenoneNot on Label (self-released)1981United KingdomTape
Naked Pygmy VolesLive at Hallamshire Hotel 7th of June and 5th of October 1980noneNot on Label (self-released)1980United KingdomTape
Nam June Paik / TakisDuett Paik/Takis / Klangraum Takis Edition Kölnischer Kunstverein, 1 1979Germany Vinyl Lp
NameLive in ReutlingennoneNot on Label (self-released)1981GermanyTape
Nancy Spero and Leon GolubTalking ArtAudio Arts Magazine Volume 11 Number 2Audio Arts1990United KingdomTape
Nao IziwaruNao IziwaruSakura Wrechords, Y, 9267Sakura Wrechords1979JapanTape
Naoki KasugaiThe SundayDD.Records, DT163DD. Records1983JapanTape
Napalm It's A WarningKonnekschen, kon S 101982GermanyVinyl 7"
Napalm DeathYou SufferEarache, 7Mosh121989United KingdomVinyl 7"
Narcisses AssassinésChants De ConcentrationRyokal ProductionsRyokal Productions1985FranceTape
Narcisses AssassinésSomme Des VentsÉmergence Du Refus, noneÉmergence Du Refus0FranceTape
Narky BrillansGoes Into Orbo... It's War Boys £13It's War Boys1981United KingdomTape
NaroPress PlayInterplanet Music IPC10120-4Interplanet Music1994CanadaTape
NarwalNirvana 1De FabriekDe Fabriek0NetherlandsTape
NarwalNirvana 2 - Live in TangerDe FabriekDe Fabriek0NetherlandsTape
NarwalNirvana 3De FabriekDe Fabriek0NetherlandsTape
NarwalNirvana 4De Fabriek, FAB 24De Fabriek0NetherlandsTape
NarwalNirvana 5DE FABRIEK (NL),De Fabriek0NetherlandsTape
NarwalThe AlbumDe Fabriek FABPROD 15De Fabriek1991Netherlands Vinyl Lp
NarzisseFinally Mine Vol. 1Korm Plastics kp 15Korm Plastics1985NetherlandsTape
NarzisseKarma Done Again After ItLikely Tapes 002, lmtd 100 EXPERIMENTAL NOISELikely Tapes1985BelgiumTape
Nash the SlashChildren of the NightDindisc DIDC 9 1981United KingdomTape
Nash the SlashChildren Of The NightDindisc, DIDC 9 1981United KingdomTape
NasmakIndecent Exposure 1 & 2 (Music For Brass, Woodwind, Drums & Violins)Plurex Records / Nasmak Self, releasedPlurex Records1981NetherlandsTape
NasmakIndecent Exposure 3 & 4 (the smell remains)Plurex Records, C021Plurex Records1982NetherlandsTape-2
NasmakIndecent Exposure 5 & 6 (Only this day and 77 others)Plurex Records, C021Plurex Records1981NetherlandsTape-2
Nasty CutssameInvisible Disk Records; IDO 5Invisible Disk Records1987United StatesTape
Nasty SavageWage of MayhemnoneNot on Label (self-released)1984United StatesTape
Nationalpreis JaegerSameProjekt Records 17Projekt Records1987Tape
NatopusTransitionValley Of The Sun, AM130Valley Of The Sun1985United StatesTape
Natural DisastersUntitlednoneNot on Label (self-released)1986HungaryTape
Nature And OrganisationThird Terminal Position Sound of Pig, SOP 051Sound of Pig Music1986United StatesTape
NaufragioRZR LtdDill Prod., Dill 014Dill Prod.1984GermanyTape
Nausea & InvoiceFM-BX Society Tape 002 FMBX Society Tape 002The FM-BX Society Label1981United KingdomTape
NaxosL'Horizon Tuméfié100 BOOKLET INSERT SOUND COLLAGENot on Label (self-released)1997FranceTape
Neal DavisAbove The CloudsnoneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
Neal DavisAlone TogethernoneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
Neal DavisCreative EnergynoneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
Neal DavisSolo PianononeNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
Neanderthal String QuartetNeanderthal String QuartetIntrepidIntrepid1984United StatesTape
Near Earth ObjectsPlate TectonicsG.R.O.S.S. GR-034 (JAP),G.R.O.S.S.1994JapanTape
NecrofiliaNecrofilianoneNot on Label (self-released)1994ItalyTape
NecrofiliaSein Zum TodeSlaughter Productions,SPT 92Slaughter Productions1997ItalyTape
NecronomiconTips Zum Selbstmord 606340 Vinyl Lp
Necronomicon (NL)Messenger of the darkFetisj, 001Fetisj1981NetherlandsTape
Necronomicon / Rite de PassageSportFetish Amsterdam 47Festih Amsterdam1982NetherlandsTape
Nectar of Love4-Song EPnoneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
Ned Sublette / Lawrence Weiner & The PersuasionsEver Widening Circles of Remorseself releasedNot on Label (self-released)1989United StatesTape
Nederlands Auto EnsembleConcert Voor 30 Auto’s American Traced RubbedTown & Country CollectionTown & Country Collection 19831983NetherlandsTape
Negativ PersonInto The PleasurenoneNot on Label (self-released)1985ItalyTape
Negativ PersonSlaughternoneNot on Label (self-released)1983ItalyTape
Negativ PersonThe Last WordsAseptic NoiseAseptic Noise1986ItalyTape