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K&IPromise PromiseStudio 12Studio 121982NetherlandsTape
K-RollRepent! Accept! Submit!Zeal SSZeal SS1986United KingdomTape
K. D. SchmitzArf-Niks Volume 3noneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
K. D. SchmitzArf-Niks Volume 4noneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
K. D. SchmitzWords in my MouthnoneNot on Label (self-released)1996United StatesTape
K. UsamiFuukei ByoushaDD.Records, DT122DD. Records1983JapanTape
K. UsamiNature SilentDD.Records, DT002DD. Records1981JapanTape
K. UsamiReimuDD.Records, DT040DD. Records1982JapanTape
K. Usami & E. FujinumaExterminatorDD.Records, DT148DD. Records1983JapanTape
K. Usami & T. IsotaniFictive DaysDD.Records, DT178DD. Records1984JapanTape
K. Usami & T. IsotaniPigeaon BlancDD.Records, DT095DD. Records1983JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuC'est la vieDD.Records, DT162DD. Records1983JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuCommercial RomanticsDD.Records, DT151DD. Records1983JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuCuriosDD.Records, DT082DD. Records1983JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuEmerald EclipseDD.Records, DT114DD. Records1983JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuEulid CocoonDD.Records, DT032DD. Records1982JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuFossil PapillonDD.Records, DT066DD. Records1983JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuLast LizardDD.Records, DT098DD. Records1983JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuLife in the WaterDD.Records, DT103DD. Records1983JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuMelancholy MixDD.Records, DT060DD. Records1983JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuMirror InsideDD.Records, DT017DD. Records1982JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuNo FocusDD.Records, DT187 DD. Records1983JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuPastel NostalgiaDD.Records, DT111DD. Records1983JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuPentagram MagicDD.Records, DT055DD. Records1983JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuPhysical FallDD.Records, DT029DD. Records1982JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuPoplarDD.Records, DT068DD. Records1983JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuPVLSDD.Records, DT003DD. Records1981JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuSepia ReminisceneDD.Records, DT138DD. Records1983JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuSpherical VoyageDD.Records, DT043DD. Records1982JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuStrawverry SecretDD.Records, DT100DD. Records1983JapanTape
K. YoshimatsuTrojan BlueDD.Records, DT177DD. Records1984JapanTape
K. Yoshimatsu / H. NakamuraLaughing Hands DD. Records, DT184 DD. Records1984JapanTape
K.D.N.R.IN*SKSounds For Consciousness Rape 023 (F), BASED ON AN INDUSTRIAL DREAM TO ENTER THEIR IMAGINARY WORLD, SPECIAL LARGE CRYSTAL BOX!!Sounds For Consciousness Rape0FranceTape-2
K.D.N.R.PlayOld Europa CafeOld Europa Cafe0ItalyVideo
K.H. productionsCourtesy of the Haste SocietynoneNot on Label (self-released)1988United StatesTape
K.K. NULLHellzonic Bio-MetalNUX-16 Nux Organization1989JapanTape
K.K. NULLPsychic AirZSF Produkt, ZSFK 01ZSF Produkt / ZSF Product1983JapanTape
K.K. NULLTi Con ZeroZSF Produkt, ZSFK 02ZSF Produkt / ZSF Product1983JapanTape
K.R.O.Lyric Apocalypse meets the FootstompingBad Funkmatron RecordsBad Funkmatron Records0United StatesTape
K.U.K.Der SteckleinspringerMunter Macher TapesMunter Macher Tapes0Tape
K.U.K.EntrĂĽmpelungMunter Macher TapesMunter Macher Tapes1984GermanyTape
K.U.K.L.À Paris 14.9.84V.I.S.A.,N°003V.I.S.A.1985FranceTape
K2Bite my HandBETLEY WELCOMES, LIMITED 50, SPECIAL PACKAGEBetley Welcomes Careful Drivers0United KingdomTape
K2Les Extremes Se Touchent IBV Tapes 522000/1 JAPANES NOISE-MASTERSBV Tapes1995United KingdomTape
K2Panelliniki Antartiki OrganosisBAWLER TAPES, LIMITED 100, HANDMADEBawler Productions0GermanyTape
K2rusty TongueKINKY MUSIK INSTITUTE (JAP),Kinky Music Institute0JapanTape
K2untitledBANDAGED HAND PRODUCTION (UK), GOOD JAPANESE NOISEBandaged Hand Production0United KingdomTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Autopsy SoundtrakksKinky Musik Institute; KMI-006 Kinky Musik Institute1993JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Boiling CellTantalus Recording Group; CA-005 1994United StatesTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Bon-odori" (c-46)Self, PlanSelf-Plan1982JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Castrated Musik" (c-46)Kinky Tape Collection, KTC 07Kinky Tape Collection1983JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Dance MacabreKinky Tape Collection, KTC 08 / Audiofile Tapes; aT 184 Kinky Tape Collection1983JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Das Systematische MusikSelf, PlanSelf-Plan1981JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)De NovoKinky Musik Institute; KMI-013 Kinky Musik Institute1994JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Dedicated to Kyoshi OkuboSelf, Plan, SPT 03Self-Plan1983JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Demise SymphonikaSelf, Plan / D.D.RECORDSSelf-Plan1983JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Demise SymphonikaDD.Records, DT164DD. Records1984JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)ErotomagnetismKinky Tape CollectionKinky Tape Collection1984JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)HerzmuskelgewebeAudiofile Tapes; aT 183 audiofile Tapes1994United StatesTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)HerzmuskelgewebeSchwabenstolz TapesSchwabenstolz Tapes1984GermanyTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Herzmuskelgewebe 2 Kinky Musik Institute; KMI-002 Kinky Musik Institute1993JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)HypertrophyBanned Production; BP- 63 Banned Production1994United StatesTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)HysterektomieKinky Tape Collection, KTC12Kinky Tape Collection1984JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Infinite MonotoneSelf, PlanSelf-Plan1981JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Les Extremes Se Touchet IIChocolate Monk; CHOC-033 Chocolate Monk Audio Artifacts1995United KingdomTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Materia Informis Kinky Musik Institute; KMI-001Kinky Musik Institute1993JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Maximum Lateral PressureRealization Recordings; RZC-016 Realization Recordings1994United StatesTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)MelodramaKinky Tape Collection, KTC 02 (SPT04)Kinky Tape Collection1982JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)MelodramaSelf, Plan / Kinky Tape Cassette KTC 02 SPT,,KTC 04Self-Plan1983JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Musikalchemy 1983DD.Records, DT165DD. Records1984JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Musikalchemy 1983Self, Plan / D.D.RECORDSSelf-Plan1983JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)N.G. MusikKinky Tape Collection, KTC 03Kinky Tape Collection1983JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)OmnibusSelf, PlanSelf-Plan1983JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Quietus Simultaneous IKinky Tape Collection, KTC 09Kinky Tape Collection1983JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Quietus Simultaneous IIKinky Tape Collection, KTC 10Kinky Tape Collection1983JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Re-MusikStock & Hut Kassetten 03Stock Und Hut Kassetten1984GermanyTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Re-MusikSelf, Plan / D.D.RECORDSSelf-Plan1983JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Re-MusikDD.Records, DT156DD. Records1983JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Souls Are Kontroled By MolekulesKinky Musik Institute; KMI-007 Kinky Musik Institute1993JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Student ApathySelf, Plan / Kinky Tape Cassette SPT / KTC 03Self-Plan1983JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Student ApathyKinky Tape Collection, KTC 01 (SPT03)Kinky Tape Collection1982JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Tekhnodrug Kinky Musik Institute; KMI-010 1993JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Zombieanatomy 1Kinky Tape Collection, KTC 04Kinky Tape Collection1983JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Zombieanatomy 2Kinky Tape Collection, KTC 05Kinky Tape Collection1983JapanTape
K2 (K. Kusafuka)Zombieanatomy 3Kinky Tape Collection, KTC 06Kinky Tape Collection1983JapanTape
K2 / VETROPHONIAsameUltra (RUS), LIMITED 60 NUMBERED COPIESUltra0Russian FederationTape
K7SSA 12 Year Old Boy Can UnderstandEngram, ENGC 004Engram Records & Tapes1982United StatesTape
K7SSPhantom SectsEngram, ENG C011Engram Records & Tapes1982United StatesTape
Ka MoserKlangbilderPart of APROPOSNot on Label (self-released)1982SwitzerlandTape
Kaa AntilopeSome Other Bivouacs In Some Other Wild RegionsSandwich Records, EighteenSandwich Records1982BelgiumVinyl 7"
Kaa AntilopeVPRO RadioNome - April 2 1982Enfant Terrible Enfant130Netherlands Vinyl Lp
Kabazz Total Insanity0Tape
Kabelbrand & Stuttgart SchwarzKabelbrand + Stuttgart SchwarzD by Dave (M.Lustig)Not on Label (self-released)0GermanyTape
KabijIntrigue, Suspicion and PanicG.C. Tapes; Long 2G.C. Tapes0United KingdomTape
Kable Truth 2/3/4/81Truthantic Productions, Truth OneTruthantic Productions1981United KingdomTape
Kable TruthThe ExceptionalTruthantic Productions, noneTruthantic Productions1981United KingdomTape
KadamondamirzuLunacy Is The Best PolicyZH27 123ZH271988United StatesTape
Kadaver Klöpse and Die Fröhlichen OstereierSplitSandmanntonprodukte / SlavenschädelkassettenSandmanntonprodukte / Slavenschädelkassetten1985GermanyTape
KadefEremit10/30 HANDMADE BOOKLETNot on Label (self-released)0Tape