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"O"Das SpielBOY Records, BOY 8821-121990GermanyVinyl 12"
...Of Tanz VictimsFighting False GodO. T. V. Product 003- 85 1985CanadaVinyl 7"
...Of Tanz VictimsOstrova Novo SibirskiBunker Records 004-87 Bunker Records1987Canada Vinyl Lp
1. Futurologischer CongressHeimatliedBerlin Rock News, A-6661 1981Germany Vinyl Lp
1. Futurologischer CongressPosthumPreußen Records 66.10.220, CIA-Productions 13.8.81-0 1981GermanyVinyl 7"
1/2 Japanese1/2 Gentlemen/Not Beasts Armageddon Records, A Box 1 1980United KingdomVinyl Lp-3
1/2 JapaneseMusic to Strip ByBad Alchemy BAAL 11Bad Alchemy1987Germany Vinyl Lp
1/2 JapaneseOur Solar SystemIridescence Records, K-61984United States Vinyl Lp
1/2 JapaneseSpyArmageddon Records, AS009 1981United KingdomVinyl 7"
1/2 JapaneseSpyArmageddon Records, AS009 1981United KingdomVinyl 7"
10,000 ManiacsHuman Conflict Number FivePress, P2010 1984United KingdomVinyl 12"
10,000 ManiacsMy Mother The WarReflex Records, 12 RE 1 1984United KingdomVinyl 12"
10,000 ManiacsSecrets Of The I ChingPress, P 3001 1984United Kingdom Vinyl Lp
17 PygmiesCaptured in IceLolita, 50511986France Vinyl Lp
17 PygmiesHatikvaResistance Records, RR01 1983United StatesVinyl 12"
17 PygmiesJedda By The SeaResistance Records, RR 1948 1984United States Vinyl Lp
1919Cry WolfAbstract Records, 12 ABS 017 1983United KingdomVinyl 12"
1919MachineRed Rhino Records, REDLP 25 1983United Kingdom Vinyl Lp
23 Skidoo23 Skidoo Vs. The Assassins With Soul Illuminated Records 12 LEV72 Illuminated Records1986United KingdomVinyl 12"
23 SkidooLanguageIlluminated Records, ILL 3812 Illuminated Records1984United KingdomVinyl 12"
23 SkidooSeven SongsFetish Records, FM 2008 Fetish Records1982United KingdomVinyl 12"
23 SkidooTearing Up The PlansPineapple Products, FP 20, Fetish Records, FP 20 Fetish Records1982United KingdomVinyl 12"
23 SkidooThe Culling Is ComingL.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords, LAY 23L'A Productions1988Netherlands Vinyl Lp
23 SkidooThe Culling Is ComingOperation Twilight, OPT23 1983United Kingdom Vinyl Lp
3 Teens Kill 4No MotiveL'Invitation Au Suicide, ID 31984France Vinyl Lp
39 ClocksDNS / Twisted & ShoutsNo Fun Records, NF 101 1980GermanyVinyl 7"
39 ClocksPain in DarkWhat's So Funny About.., SF 78, Psychotic Promotion, PSI-G What's So Funny About1988Germany Vinyl Lp
39 ClocksPain It DarkNo Fun Records, NF 039 1981Germany Vinyl Lp
45 GraveAutopsyRestless Records, 72030-1 1987United States Vinyl Lp
45 GraveSleep in SafetyEnigma Records, ENIGMA 13 1983United States Vinyl Lp
45 GraveSleep in SafetyRestless Records, 700131987United States Vinyl Lp
4DFauve Moderne / Sex Appeal Wunderwerke, K 82 12 Wunderwerke1982GermanyVinyl 10"
5UU'sBel Marduk + TiamatU:r Records, 01 1986United States Vinyl Lp
8 Eyed Spy8 Eyed SpyFetish Records, FR 2003 Fetish Records1981United Kingdom Vinyl Lp
93 Current 93 / Sickness Of SnakesNightmare CultureL.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords, LAY 14 1985BelgiumVinyl 12"
:wumpscut:Smell The Disgusting Sweet Taste Of Dried BloodAnt-Zen, ikon 2 Ant-Zen1994GermanyVinyl 7"
A Certain RatioFrom Italy CR 0016 Not on Label1981Italy Vinyl Lp
A Certain RatioSextetFactory, Fact 55Factory1985United Kingdom Vinyl Lp
A Chud ConventionSorrowCircle Records, CIRCLE 0031988BelgiumVinyl 12"
A La Ping PongExtrem Musik A La Ping Pong Phase 1RP 1078 Not on Label (self-released)1980Germany Vinyl Lp
A Rancid VatStampeding CattlePigface Records, Pig 006 Pigface Records1982United States Vinyl Lp
A Thunder Orchestra / Vidna ObmanaUntitledClimax Productions, CB 103 Climax Productions1988BelgiumVinyl 7"
A+PA+PJupiter Records, 6.24881 1981Germany Vinyl Lp
A-MusikE Ku IrojuZeitgenössische Musik Disk, DI-830 1984Japan Vinyl Lp
A.R. & MachinesDie Grüne Reise - The Green Journey Polydor 2459 057 1976Germany Vinyl Lp
A.T.R.O.X.The Night's RemainsTrinciato Forte Records, .F.L.P. 0011982Italy Vinyl Lp
A5Kalte Erotik / Längst Vorbei? No Fun Records, NF 108 1981GermanyVinyl 7"
AbgasAbgasNone, 33-425 Not on Label (self-released)1981SwitzerlandVinyl 7"
Aborted at Line 6MammutOff Course Records, ASL-1226 1983SwitzerlandVinyl 12"
Above the RuinsSongs of the WolfFirst Floor Records FF 8 1986Germany Vinyl Lp
Absolute Body ControlWind[Re]WindMecanica, MEC0200PolandVinyl Lp-2
Absolute Body ControlWind[Re]WindMinimal Maximal, MM0010Belgium Vinyl Lp
AbwärtsAmok KomaZickzack, ZZ 10 ZickZack Platten1980Germany Vinyl Lp
AbwärtsComputerstattZickzack Platten, ZZ 2 ZickZack Platten1980GermanyVinyl 7"
AbwärtsDer Westen ist EinsamMercury, 6435 155 1982Germany Vinyl Lp
AbwärtsMehr AlkoholNormal NORMAL 75 Normal1988GermanyVinyl 12"
AbwärtsRoboter In Der NachtZickzack Platten, ZZ 28 ZickZack Platten1981GermanyVinyl 7"
AcheGreen ManPhilips 6318 005 1971Denmark Vinyl Lp
Achwghâ Ney WodeiTriptyqueNew International Recordings, NIR 872 1987United KingdomVinyl Lp-3
ActusA Way To The Empire Of Strength And OrderNovum Organum, NOE LP 0011990Hungary Vinyl Lp
ADN Ckrystall1985Kernkrach, KRACH 0160GermanyVinyl 7"
Adolf WölfliGelesen Und VertontTuricaphon, LP 30-624 1978Switzerland Vinyl Lp
Adrian HenriAdrian HenriCharivari, VAR49821974United Kingdom Vinyl Lp
Advokat Ihrer HoheitOpferbereitArt Konkret, ART 05 Art Konkret1993Germany Vinyl Lp
After DinnerAfter DinnerRecommended Records, RR C20Recommended Records1984United Kingdom Vinyl Lp
AG GeigeTrickbeatAMIGA 8 56 491 1990 Vinyl Lp
Age (Emmanuel D'haeyere and Guy Vachaudez)LandscapesGamm Record, 0022 LP 1980Belgium Vinyl Lp
AGMDas ist HeimatHeimat Records ?– HR 001 Heimat Records1980Germany Vinyl Lp
AheadsAheadsAggressive Rockproduktionen, AG 003 1981Germany Vinyl Lp
Ain SophKshatriyaMisty Circles, MCR01 Misty Circles1988Italy Vinyl Lp
AirwayLive at LaceLos Angeles Free Music Society, LAFMS#06 Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS)1978United States Vinyl Lp
Ak MusickAk Musick AKM Records, AKM 001 1972Germany Vinyl Lp
Ake Hodell220 Volt BuddhaAlga Marghen, plana-H 7VocSon0181998Italy Vinyl Lp
Ake HodellSpirit Of Ecstasy / The Way To NepalCaprice Records, CAP 1149 1980Sweden Vinyl Lp
Ake Hodell / David GrubbsIgevär / Yellow SkyKning Disk, KDHT001ahdg, Hall Tjäften, KDHT001ahdg0Sweden Vinyl Lp
Al HansenJoseph Beuys Stuka Dive Bomber Piece & Other StoriesSlowscan Vol. 20 Slowscan0Netherlands Vinyl Lp
Alain KremskiMusique Pour Un Temple Inconnu - Cloches Anciennes D'Iran, Gongs, Cymbales Tibétaines Auvidis AV 4702, Prestige Auvidis ?AV 4702 Auvidis1978FranceVinyl Lp-2
Alain SavouretL'Arbre Et Caetera INA-GRM, AM 647.07 INA-GRM1978France Vinyl Lp
Alan Lamb, Garry Bradbury, David Burraston, Oren Ambarchi, Robin FoxThe Wired Lab / Wired Open Day 2009Taiga Records, TAIGA 190United StatesVinyl Lp-2
Alan Silva And The Celestrial Communication OrchestraAlan Silva And The Celestrial Communication OrchestraActuel, 42-43-44 BYG Records, 529.342-43-441971FranceVinyl Lp-3
Alan VegaOutlaw / Magdalena 84Celluloid 600 559 1984United KingdomVinyl 12"
Alan VegaSaturn DriveElektra, 96-6994-0 1983GermanyVinyl 12"
Albert Mangelsdorff QuintetTensionCBS, 623361963GermanyVinyl Lp-2
Albrecht/dAbstract EnergySamadhi Records, 1005 1985Germany Vinyl Lp
Albrecht/dEndless MusicSamadhi Records, none1974Germany Vinyl Lp
Albrecht/d / Joseph BeuysPerformance At The ICA London 1.Nov.1974 Samadhi Records, 1003 1974Germany Vinyl Lp
Aleister CrowleyAleister CrowleyNot On Label, OZ 77 Not on Label1986United Kingdom Vinyl Lp
Aleister CrowleyThe Hastings Archives / The World As PowerGoetia GOETIA 666 1986United Kingdom Vinyl Lp
Aleister CrowleyThe Hastings Archives / The World As Power Goetia, GOETIA 666 1986United Kingdom Vinyl Lp
Alesia CosmosAéroproductshat ART, hat ART 2021 1985SwitzerlandVinyl Lp-2
Alex FergussonStay With Me TonightRed Records, RS 0031980United KingdomVinyl 7"
Alex Schiavi & Stefano PelosiMusica FuturistaBelgravia Records, BCL 1001/AB 1982Italy Vinyl Lp
Alexander von Borsig Die Welt Ist Schön!Mauerstadtmusik, 01 0GermanyVinyl 7"
Alexander von SchlippenbachGlobe Unity MPS Records MPS 15016 1975Germany Vinyl Lp
Alfred AnderschDer Tod des James DeanTWEN, 12 0Germany Vinyl Lp
Alfred WolfsohnVox Humana: Alfred Wolfsohn's Experiments In Extension Of Human Vocal RangeFolkways Records, FX 6123 1956United States Vinyl Lp
Algebra SuicideAn Explanation For That Flock Of CrowsBuzzerama Records, BB 10001985United StatesVinyl 7"
Alien Sex Fienda selection of Alien Sex Fiend Vinyls0 Vinyl Lp
Alien Sex FiendAll Our YesterdaysRebel Rec.,60-14131988Germany Vinyl Lp
Allan KaprowCourtesySlowscan, Vol. 11 Slowscan2000Netherlands Vinyl Lp