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D. FlemmerLas AstillasDatenverarbeitung, Data 0004Datenverarbeitung1981GermanyTape
D.A.Dettmar & Gerald ToonSynthesisisMisty Code Publications / Energy Discs CNRG 01Energy Discs1980CanadaTape
D.C.3Coherent NoiseSynthetic Tapes, SIN 1Synthetic Tapes1980United KingdomTape
D.D. DobsonsamenoneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
D.D. DobsonThe Buried LifenoneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
D.D. DobsonThe Classic of PuritynoneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
D.J. MahonPoemsself-releasedNot on Label (self-released)1982United StatesTape
D.J.NucleonEuphoriant0United StatesTape
D.M.A.D.T.Sakrale TiertötungSPH, SPH029SPH0PortugalTape
D.S. HastingsAll Washed UpSquare D Company, D-07Square D Company0Tape
D.U.R.Deutscher TanzabendZensor, DUR 01 Zensor1982GermanyVinyl 7"
Da CapoDa CapoLittle Wing Of Refugees, LW 1001 1988Germany Vinyl Lp
DaaskHoly Island0Tape
Dachau LustknabenBrandenburgische HalsgerichtsordnungJeremy Bamber Tapes, WITH A 5 BOOKLETJeremy Bamber Tapes0GermanyTape
Dachau LustknabenVivisectionSPH, SPH040SPH1992PortugalTape
Dada Frolic5 Way MusicSound of Pig, SOP 102Sound of Pig Music1987United StatesTape
Dada FrolicAural SylexiaDada FrolicDada Cassettes1988United StatesTape
Dada FrolicFlatlined Live at GatewayAudiofile Tapesaudiofile Tapes0United StatesTape
Dada FrolicK-9Dada Cassettes K9Dada Cassettes1986United StatesTape
Dada FrolicOne Afternoon0United StatesTape
Dada FrolicShow N TellDada CassettesDada Cassettes1986United StatesTape
Dada FrolicWay MusicSound Of PigSound of Pig Music0United StatesTape
Dada FrolicYears Of EarsDada CassettesDada Cassettes0United StatesTape
DadacomputerDadacomputerMap Tapes, MAP No 8MAP Tapes1981United KingdomTape
DadacomputerDadacomputerQuick Stab Productions; Prod 13Quick Stab Productions1981United KingdomTape
DadadickyDadadickyFragment, CLUMP 15Fragment1994United KingdomTape
DadangardeUntitledWalters Lust LabelWalters Lust Label1982GermanyTape
DadarotatorWhat Is A DadarotatorProduktion; Pro3Produktion1983United KingdomTape
Daevid AllenThe Death Of Rock & Other EntrancesShanghai HAI 201 1982United KingdomVinyl 12"
Dagi BernhardEin Bunter MelodienstraußHeimvorteil, 001Der Heimvorteil1982GermanyTape
DagowopsDie ZweiteDago Rec. 08/15Dago-Rec.1981GermanyTape
DagowopsWachet aufDago, Rec.Dago-Rec.1981GermanyTape
Dahab AyloulFairuzArab musicArab music0Tape
Daher Der NameMu Third PartMiezi Platten / Miezi 04Miezi Platten1982GermanyTape-3
DAI-JWer Stand Zuerst?NICE ARTWORK, SANFT UND MUTIG PRODUKTIONNot on Label (self-released)1986Tape
Daily TerrorAufrechtAggressive Rockproduktionen AG 0032 1984Germany Vinyl Lp
Daily TerrorGefühl & HärteAggressive Rockproduktionen, AG 0045 1985GermanyVinyl 12"
Daily TerrorSchmutzige ZeitenAggressive Rockproduktionen AG 0010 1982Germany Vinyl Lp
Daisy Hawkinssame0Tape
Dale HerdDreamland CourtEdition S Press, TONBAND No. SP 1083Edition S Press, S Press Tonbandverlag1981GermanyTape
Dalli-DalisameSelbstvernichtungsprodukte 005Selbstvernichtungsprodukte1981GermanyTape
DAM & JabonIncidental Vibrations 1 & 2Cause and EffectCause and Effect1987United StatesTape
DAM & JabonIncidental Vibrations 2Cause and EffectCause and Effect1987United StatesTape
DamenbartImpressionen '71Dom Elchklang DOM EK 002 DOM1989Germany Vinyl Lp
Damian BiscigliaInstant SanitySpagyric,Spagyric0Tape
Damian BiscigliaNoiseismSpagyric,Spagyric0Tape
DamnedFinal DamnationHendringHendrin1988United KingdomVideo
Damo SuzukiLive In Berlin 1986, Quartier Latin noneNot on Label (self-released)1986GermanyTape
Damon EdgeGrand VisionsNew Rose Records, ROSE 901986France Vinyl Lp
DanHeres The Story Of The Further Adventures Of... DanBBP Records, noneBBP Records (Big Banana Products)1987United KingdomTape
Dan FiorettiA Tape to Listen to the Music of Croiners by Dan FiorettiKitti Tapes; Kitti 076Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiAltered Classics Volume 2Kitti Tapes; Kitti 061Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiBe my loud ValentineKitti TapesKitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiBetween Two MountainsKitti Tapes; Kitti 183Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiBoogie with a CowKitti Tapes; Kitti 116Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiDeath Chants Of The Rich And FamousKitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiFor Janet MooKitti Tapes; Kitti 174Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiGreeting from Le Leslure HiveKitti TapesKitti Tapes1987United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiGuru Sven Parts11&12Kitti Tapes; Kitti 033Kitti Tapes1991United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiHaunted by the Ghost of Santa ClausKitti Tapes; Kitti 007Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiHogs on All Those Dogs! GoshLonely Whistle MusicLonely Whistle Music0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiHy-Teck Event HorizonKitti Tapes; Kitti 176Kitti Tapes1991United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiIn-A-Gadda-Da-VinciKitti Tapes; Kitty 193Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiIts the Kitty 88 SamplerKitti TapesKitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiLemonade Lyn All like that thereKitti Tapes; Kitty 180Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiLoosing your mindKitti Tapes; Kitti 076Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiMetal Machine MuzickKitti Tapes; Kitti 069Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiMusic for AdultsKitti Tapes; Kitty 042Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiNumber Nine...Number Nine...Number Nine...Kitti Tapes; Kitti 010Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiPunky Meadows Meets Mr. Las VegasKitti Tapes; Kitti 154Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiSalad DaysKitti Tapes; Kitti 055Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiSongs I have SungKitti Tapes; Kitti 008Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiSongs'n SaladsKitti TapesKitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiThe Beatles vs. Dan FiorettiKitti Tapes; Kitti 027Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiThe East Coast Variation on the Monterry RoadKitti Tapes; Kitti 082Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiThe Ship Hasnt actually...Kitti Tapes; Kitti 021Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiThere is another SkywalkerKitti Tapes; Kitti 037Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan FiorettiZsa Zsa and Miss Water Balloon Toss Can Eat A Million PizzasKitti Tapes; Kitti 192Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan Fioretti & Hilary and Jonathan Caws-ElwittThe Ballad of the Potato Salad KingPillow Image Lmtd.Pillow Image Ltd.0United StatesTape
Dan Fioretti / Rose Marie McFluffBarney has a big / When Madonna Rules the WorldKitti Tapes; Kitti 186Kitti Tapes0United StatesTape
Dan Fioretti and the all-star Blues RevueReturn to the Planet of the Year of NicoleKitti Tapes; Kitti 085Kitti Tapes1993United StatesTape
Dan Graham & The StaticAt Riverside Studios London (C90)Audio Arts SupplementAudio Arts1979United KingdomTape
Dan JohnstonTo What or WhomStress RecordsStress Records0United StatesTape
Dan JosephMorpheusnoneNot on Label (self-released)1987United StatesTape
Dan JosephNo.3Sound of Pig, SOP 202Sound of Pig Music0United StatesTape
Dan JosephSonorous AlchemynoneNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
Dan LanderAccommodation: Recordings From HomeMarginal DistributionMarginal Distribution1990United StatesTape
Dan LanderHabitationPROMO ONLY SOUND SCULPTURESNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
Dan LanderLimited Choices in Equal timeself-releasedNot on Label (self-released)1987United StatesTape
Dan LanderMotpikhoself-releasedNot on Label (self-released)1987United StatesTape
Dan LanderTalking to a loudspeakerself-releasedNot on Label (self-released)1990United StatesTape
Dan McKinneyUse No HooksSlang Tapes, noneSlang Tapes1984United StatesTape
Dan Portis-CathersBridging Time1988Tape
Dan Portis-CathersCityscapes0United StatesTape
Dan Portis-CathersDeep Sea1987Tape
Dan Portis-Catherss/t1987Tape
Dan Portis-CathersWater From The TempleDeep Sea Music, noneDeep Sea Music1986United StatesTape
Dan Söderqvist & Karl GaslebenWaterlandXenophone International COS 005Xenophone International1984SwedenTape
Dan StearnsThe Silent CircusnoneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
Dan SusnaraAce EP0United StatesTape