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Ground Your Ears! Vol.5 (Impulsive Music Electronical Created)

Artist: Ulrich Blume

Year: 1984
Country: Germany
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape


  Overdub Date
A1 Psychedelion II (Excerpt+Finale)  
A2 When I'm In Heaven  
A3 Potpourri For Preparated Organ  
A4 Music-Factory  
  See Above!
B1 Good Luck Part I  
B2 Good Luck Part II  
B3 Being Sensititve For Your Inner Monster  
B4 Swing Over To Me  


  • Composed By, Performer, Recorded By, ProducerU. Blume*


Ultra rare box with self-released cassette titled "Ground Your Ears! Vol.5",
which has contains Ulrich Blume's photo, one small comics sheet
and five photos of his music studio (with comments on back side),
where his business card also included.