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V LeeSocks-N-Rugs-N-Rock-N-RollAural Adventure ProductionsAural Adventure Productions1989United StatesTape
V-Sor X & Panic Grass & Corpse & BhujiyaPenumbraCalypso Now / Stride; Step 30Calypso Now1984SwitzerlandTape
V2V2Bent Records, SMALL BENT ONE 1978United KingdomVinyl 7"
V2 SchneiderAbgrund der GefühleBizarreBizarre1984GermanyTape
V2 SchneiderBluesBizzareBizarre1983GermanyTape
V2 SchneiderBody PolitixBizarreBizarre1982GermanyTape
V2 SchneiderNr. 1 in Hong KongBizarreBizarre1985GermanyTape
V2 SchneidersameHeimvorteil, 003Der Heimvorteil1982GermanyTape
Vachel LindsayVachel Lindsay ReadingCaedmon Records, TC 1041 0United States Vinyl Lp
Vadoss/t (K. Yoshimatu, T. Isotani, A. Koshi, T. Kamada, T. Nakamura)DD.Records, DT054DD. Records1983JapanTape
Vagina Teeth/Jesus Teeth / Tricky WormYou've got to learn to trust usnoneNot on Label (self-released)0United StatesTape
Val Denhams/town labelNot on Label (self-released)1982United KingdomTape
Val DenhamThe Wonderful World of Val Denham / Bei-Bei-Beyesown labelNot on Label (self-released)1982United KingdomTape
Val Denhamwithout genderown labelNot on Label (self-released)1982United KingdomTape
Valeri ScherstjanoiArs ScribendiEdition Scribentismus1992GermanyTape
Valeri ScherstjanoiBerlin März 19951995GermanyTape
Valeri ScherstjanoiEin wenig experimentelle Poesie (Laut-Klang-Bewegung), 12.4. 1989Comenius Galerie, Dresden1989GermanyTape
Valeri Scherstjanoieine SprechoperAkademie Schloss Solitude1995GermanyTape
Valeri ScherstjanoiLesung 14/15 Nov.1992Not defined YetNot defined Yet1992GermanyVideo
Valeri ScherstjanoiLive Gorem festival Stockholm 1993Not on Label (self-released)1993GermanyTape
Valeri ScherstjanoiOnomatopoetische Texte0Tape
Valeri ScherstjanoiPhonetische Übungen. Berlin/Ost 1986.1986Tape
Valeri ScherstjanoiPolyphoniaEdition ScribentismusEdition Scribentismus0Tape
Valeri ScherstjanoiRequiem Postzaum1996GermanyTape
Valeri ScherstjanoiSense - Non - Sense Berlin: Studio Rudbert Music1993GermanyTape
Valeri ScherstjanoiSklady - Perfroamance 9.1.95Galerie Marstall1995GermanyTape
Valie Export / Monsti WienerCapri-Fischer / Bananen1 - 2.2.81, Zweitschrift, 8 Not on Label (self-released)1981AustriaVinyl 7"
Valie Export / Monsti WienerWahre FreundschaftF 666.350 A Not on Label (self-released)1978Austria Vinyl Lp
Valley Of The Sun Publishing'sHealing Acceleration With Body Relaxation And MusicValley Of The Sun, R113Valley Of The Sun1981United StatesTape
Valley Of The Sun Publishing'sHypnogogic Sound / Vibration TapeValley Of The Sun, P265Valley Of The Sun1982United StatesTape
Valley Of The Sun Publishing'sOnly Subliminals - Confidence & Positive ThinkingValley Of The Sun, T201Valley Of The Sun1990United StatesTape
Valley Of The Sun Publishing'sThe Beat To Theta TapeValley Of The Sun, P213Valley Of The Sun1978United StatesTape
Vampire RodentsWar musicVR ProductionsVR Productions1990CanadaTape
Van Kaye & IgnitA Slight DelayDing Dong Records And Tapes, ddc 001Ding Dong Records And Tapes1981NetherlandsTape
Van Kaye & IgnitIntro Nr. 6 (Heartbreak) Master-ReelDing Dong Records And TapesDing Dong Records And Tapes1982NetherlandsReel
Van Kaye & IgnitWith a little HelpDing Dong Records And Tapes DDC007Ding Dong Records And Tapes1984NetherlandsTape
Van Kaye & Ignit & Liaisons DangereuseLive at Melkwegown labelNot on Label (self-released)0NetherlandsTape
Van MenssameHP51984NetherlandsTape
Vance OrchestraI Love VanceVO03 BOXED TAPE #2/75 COPIES INSERTNot on Label (self-released)0Tape
Vandal XAtrocityV - V12V1987GermanyTape
Vandal XAtrocityVandal Cassettes 12Vandal Cassettes1984United StatesTape
Vandal XDeath Heads The Fields / Seven Nietzsche Songs (C60Vandal Cassettes 8Vandal Cassettes1984United StatesTape
Vandal XDeutsche Lieder (S/Sided, C60Vandal Cassettes 14Vandal Cassettes1984United StatesTape
Vandal XMan Is A Double (S/Sided, C90)Vandal Cassettes 3Vandal Cassettes1984United StatesTape
Vandal XPerception of an EraFlesh recordsFlesh Records1986United StatesTape
Vandal XPerceptions Of An EraVandal Cassettes 4Vandal Cassettes1984United StatesTape
Vandal XSing Me A New SongVandal CassettesVandal Cassettes1984United StatesTape
Vandal XSing Me A New SongOpus Dei, OPUS 20Opus Die Society1986NetherlandsTape
Vandal XSing Me A New SongFlesh recordsFlesh Records0United StatesTape
Variant CausesameK.D.T.RecordsK.D.T. Records0United StatesTape
Various Abstract Magazine Issue 6 - Audio VisualSweatbox, SAM006, Abstract Magazine, Issue 6 1986United Kingdom Vinyl Lp
Various Audiologie No. 04 - The Independant Psychedelic TripVox Man Records, Audiologie # 4Vox Man Records1987FranceTape
Various Bodenpersonal / Tumorbeus / Siedlerheim Westhafen Plassette Kompakt Produkte, 66.10207 Kompakt Produkte1981GermanyTape
Various Compilation I. The Voxhall Tracks. LutonPink Records, INK 1000, Pink Records,,BRS 002 1979United KingdomVinyl 7"
Various Demolition Group, Silver Baracudas, Del Masohistics Compilation Tape FV Založba, ZK-FV3, ŠKUC, none Galerija ŠKUC Izdaja1986SloveniaTape
Various Denk Daran!Überblick, SM 001 1980Germany Vinyl Lp
Various Deutschland - Schneller, Höher, Weiter (Live Werkstatt Odem Hannover 13.06.80)Spargel Tapes Schubidu 08Spargel Tapes1980GermanyTape
Various EGK: Compilación EGK 010EGK1986Tape
Various Healthy Feet/Murky DepthsMonochrome Underworld Recordings M.U.R 14 Monochrome Underworld Recordings1981United KingdomTape
Various Hoisting The Black FlagUnited Dairies, UD 06United Dairies1980United Kingdom Vinyl Lp
Various I'd Rather Be In PhiladelphiaBurn Potential Records, BPR 203 1983United States Vinyl Lp
Various International Musique Concrete Assembly I.M.C.A. 1 Midas Music, T10 Midas Music1990NetherlandsTape
Various International Sound Communication 03 (Communique)A Man's Hate Production; I.S.C. 3A Man's Hate Production0United KingdomTape
Various It Crawled Out Of The Woodwork Auricle AMS 004 Auricle1989United KingdomTape
Various Jack The Tab - Acid Tablets Volume OneCastalia Recordings ACID 001 1988United Kingdom Vinyl Lp
Various Keine Experimente! Vol. II Weird System, WS010 1984Germany Vinyl Lp
Various Mutant Pop 78/79PVC Records, PVC 7912 1980United States Vinyl Lp
Various Pesthauch Des DschungelsPark Platten Records, 0021984Germany Vinyl Lp
Various Polyphonix 1 (Première Anthologie Sonore)Multhipla Records, M20138 1982ItalyVinyl Lp-2
Various Swiss Wave The AlbumBabylon, B/80026 PD 1980Switzerland Vinyl Lp
Various The Fruit Of The Original SinLes Disques Du Crépuscule, twi 035 Les Disques Du Crépuscule1981Belgium Vinyl Lp
Various The Nova ConventionGiorno Poetry Systems, GPS 014-015 Giorno Poetry Systems1979United StatesVinyl Lp-2
Various The Voice Of MusicInnovative Communication, IC 80.082/83 1989GermanyVinyl Lp-2
Various What Is Truth? Volume Three Panic Records & Tapes, PANIC 013 Panic Records & Tapes1990United KingdomVinyl Lp-2
Various#@$ - 11 Mal Elektronische Musik Aus MünchenChaos Sound Unlimited 1001 1988Germany Vinyl Lp
Various...Auf Gefährlicher Waage...pläne, 88504 1986Germany Vinyl Lp
Various0607131089Sounds For Consciousness Rape; SFCR 06 Sounds For Consciousness Rape1990FranceTape
Various1 Hour For SpitsEksakt Records - 003Eksakt Records1982NetherlandsTape
Various1. Chiquita SamplerChiquita Records, 003 Chiquita Records1982GermanyTape
Various1. Schwäbische Kurkonzerttage 19940GermanyTape
Various1. Wirrwarr Festival 15.08.81 Schaardreieck WHV1981Tape
Various1. Wolfsburg SamplerKanalratten, Honkas, Ernte 680Tape
Various1.242.285 Yura-Kollektif Y.U.R. 1 Yura-Kollektif1986NetherlandsTape
Various10 Items or lessKaw Tapes; KAW 38Kaw Tapes0United KingdomTape
Various10 Jaar! S.P.M.J. Rhythmusticks0Tape
Various10+2: 12 American Text Sound Pieces1750 Arch Records, S-1752 1975United States Vinyl Lp
Various100% (Mind Invaders / Lt. Murnau)Near The Edge Editions, none TRUX1981ItalyVinyl 7"
Various12 o clock highAtavistic;Atavistic0United StatesVideo
Various120 Minutes Of Unusual Arrangements For A Removed Rising Plumbiferous Fibroid Subject Old Europa Cafe, OEC 077 Old Europa Cafe1995United StatesTape
Various13 Hit SodomyClub MoralClub Moral0BelgiumTape
Various17.6.82 SO 36Neue Zeiten, NZ 0021982Germany Vinyl Lp
Various19 Keys 19 Bands 2x Ltd, NumClub Moral, CM55Club Moral1986BelgiumTape
Various1966 Garage 1970 Garage, GAR 0051986France Vinyl Lp
Various1983 - A Tape Poetry Magazine No. OneSupranormal CassettesSupranormal Cassettes1975United KingdomTape
Various1983 - A Tape Poetry Magazine No. ThreeSupranormal CassettesSupranormal Cassettes1977United KingdomTape
Various1983 - A Tape Poetry Magazine No. TwoSupranormal CassettesSupranormal Cassettes1975United KingdomTape
Various2. Neuklang FestivalFICH ART (D), COMP. INCL MOHR, TELEPHERIQUE, M. BEHRENS/M. NORTHAM, M.O.A.T.A.-OMEN.Fich Art0GermanyTape-2
Various23 Drifts To GuestlingIham Products Nanavesh, NANA 004Nanavesh1983United KingdomTape
Various2x6 The Dimensions Of A CoffinCold Meat Industry, CMI-10Cold Meat Industry1991Sweden Vinyl Lp
Various3 Into 1 Vol. 5Clockwork Tapes, none Clockwork Tapes1991GermanyTape