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Artist: Uncommunity

Year: 1983
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Black Dwarf Recordings, BDC1
Format: Tape
A1 Doktrine  
A2 Spurt White Cut Black  
A3 Mindretch  
A4 Third Testament  
A5 Braindanke  
A6 Optional Aktion  
B1 Praktikal Meat Inspektion  
B2 Feast Of Skulls  
B3 Speakhnaked  
B4 Sukaut Theevile  
B5 Achtongue  
B6 We Are The Gun, Eat It  
B7 Spirits Of Concrete  
B8 Rats Of Noise  
B9 Insistent  
B10 Strukture In Commotion  
B11 Disgust In Pieces Of Filth  
From the inside "Note all tracks previosly [sic] available as BDW 3,4,5 deleted".
This edition is itself a reissue of BDW15.