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Artist: Uncommunity

Year: 1986
Country: Canada
Catalog No: Freedom in a Vacuum, VACT.04
Format: Tape
Spezification: Reissue
A1 N.A.G. 2:06
A2 Black Goat 2:39
A3 The Hand Behind 3:18
A4 Rats Above Scientists 2:10
A5 Out And Out 2:16
A6 Turn The Inner Eye 4:32
A7 Attack MacDonalds With A Sledgehammer Please 1:26
A8 Odour Of Sanctity 2:39
A9 Wormline 2:34
A10 Truthtrance 5:08
B1 Black Suggestion 3:20
B2 Eidolon 2:59
B3 No Longer An Inch 3:01
B4 Condition-Ut-Extremis 3:06
B5 New Awareness 2:36
B6 Ex-Nihilo Nihil Fit 5:05
B7 Ex-Oblivione 1:24
This tape originally released by Black Dwarf.
?Black Dwarf Records
©Black Goat Musick