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Anno Domini

Artist: Nails Ov Christ

Year: 0
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Zeal SS
Catalog No: Zeal SS
Format: Tape-2
A1 Dark Night Of The Soul  
A2 Thou Art My God  
A3 Float Under Ice  
A4 Onward  
B1 Onward Continued  
B2 Slavery Once Again  
C1 The Raped Execute  
C2 Pulsehater  
C3 Murderous Advice  
C4 Nails + Blood  
D1 Creeping Back To Power  
D2 In This Cold Blooded Way  
D3 The Raped Execute II  
D4 Smash The Sinners  
D5 Vatican Victims  
In special package with two inserts:
1 paper cross "Have Faith In God"
1 card "Anima Christi"
This is a Best Of Nails Of Christ.
Side A is "Dark Night Of The Soul" followed by "Punishment Is Correction"
Side C+D is "Beat Of The Blood"

Slavery Once Again is followed by Cross Cut/Cross Continent some collaboration between Nails Ov Christ and AMK (Banned Pdts)2x15min. tracks. Followed by a track titled To Thee Artaman - originally released on A Penis Tense Not Penitence cassette.
The Beat Of The Blood tracks are finally followed by Messiah originally released on the Vilification cassette.