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The Lord Loves Holocausts

Artist: Nails Ov Christ

Year: 0
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Stinky Horse Fuck,SHF K7003
Format: Tape
A1 Smash The Sinners 6:47
A2 Slavery Once Again 8:08
A3 The Raped Execute 6:44
A4 Onward! 9:30
A5 Murderous Advice 6:11
A6 Storming Heaven 6:00
A7 Deus Est Homo (Extract By 418) 2:38
B1 Creeping Back To Power 2:11
B2 Thou Art My God 3:25
B3 For The Artaman 7:06
B4 The Raped Execute II 4:58
B5 Vatican Victims 4:49
B6 Pulse Hater 8:09
B7 On The Moors (Xtract) 8:37
B8 Nails + Blood 6:37
A selection of tracks from "Beat Of The Blood," "Punishment Is Correction," and "A Penis Tense Is Not Penitence," but completely different recordings of those tracks.