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Third Terminal Position

Artist: Nature And Organisation

Year: 1986
Country: United States
Catalog No: Sound of Pig, SOP 051
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A1 –Nature And Organisation Third Terminal Position 1 16:39
A2 –Nature And Organisation Third Terminal Position 2 13:52
B1 –Bone Clinic Untitled 5:58
B2 –Bone Clinic Untitled 4:12
B3 –Bone Clinic Untitled 8:33
B4 –Bone Clinic Untitled 2:26
B5 –Bone Clinic Untitled 0:44
B6 –Bone Clinic Untitled (Live) 5:20
B7 –Bone Clinic In Heaven 1:59
Side One: Recording taken from an abstract performance on 10.08.86 at 2:00 am in front of an invited audience. Simultaneous film projections used.
Side Two: Material from Bone Clinic, a N.A.O. collaboration from 1984/5 era. Including first ever recording, and a track from last live event.

No tracklisting provided.