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Indecent Exposure 1 & 2 (Music For Brass, Woodwind, Drums & Violins)

Artist: Nasmak

Year: 1981
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Plurex Records / Nasmak Self, released
Format: Tape
1A01 B.T.P. 2 / A.T. 2 9:17
1A02 W.V. Middendorp 1:53
1A03 Chairslide 2:08
1A04 Wastepaperbasket 1:16
1A05 I(nn)ocente 1:04
1A06 Koudstromendwater 0:17
1A07 A.A.E. 1:01
1A08 Radiator 1:47
1A09 (How Can It Be You Can Be So) Rough 1:43
1A10 Back To Peace 2:58
1A11 Kill A B.T.P. 1:48
1A12 Vital Virus 1:48
1A13 1st Love 2:19
1A14 The Rubber Bubble  
1B01 Chivalry On The Balcony 1:02
1B02 Ducktalk 1:16
1B03 Things Funk 2:59
1B04 Things Sweet 2:33
1B05 A.T. Things 3:32
1B06 (You Cannot Feel The) Things I Feel 1:58
1B07 Kill 3:20
1B08 Adultery In The Dormatory 2:15
1B09 Big Man 4:25
1B10 You're A Man 3:50
1B11 Sceptic  
2A01 A.T. (2) 2:42
2A02 Sweet Bananas 2:41
2A03 Piano 1:12
2A04 Paquador 1 En 2 3:50
2A05 Old Circus 1:24
2A06 New Circus 1:24
2A07 Circus 1:24
2A08 Words 2:03
2A09 Swimming Pool 1:04
2A10 Love 3:42
2A11 Helicopter (Flying To The West) 6:01
2A12 Afspraken 0:30
2A13 De Vink Is Dood 2 1:10
  Rehearsal Recordings 7:10
2A14 Inadequate Possibilities  
2A15 Inadequate Abilities  
2A16 12 B.B. (The Smell Remains)  
2A17 1 / Ja Toch 1 / Hunting  
2A18 A Dish  
2A19 Indecent Exposure 2  
2B01 B.T.P. 1 (Si Ta Tête) 3:51
2B02 Intermezzo 1:16
2B03 Helicopter 2 (Flying To The East) 5:35
2B04 You're A Man 3:15
2B05 De Vink Is Dood 3:19
2B06 Daily Life 3:27
2B07 Patchwork Window 1 2:28
2B08 Patchwork Window 2 0:42
2B09 Possible Harmonics 1:28
2B10 Ayatollah Shuffleh 4:15
2B11 They Are Growing 1 2:46
2B12 They Are Growing 2 1:42
2B13 Au / Ja Toch 2 3:28
2B14 No Circus 0:38
2B15 Spy / Eyes  
  • Bass – Theo van Eenbergen
  • Drums – Toon Bressers
  • Guitar – Henk Janssen
  • Guitar, Vocals – Joop van Brakel
  • Other [Sounds] – Roland Smits
  • Vocals, Keyboards [Crackle Synthesizer], Guitar – Truus de Groot
INDECENT EXPOSURE + 144 minutes of music for brass, woodwind, drums, violins and cellos. recorded by nasmak, roland smits, theo kleintjes and dick verdult between july and december 1980. some pieces were recorded on a portable mono cassetterecorder, others on stereo equipment. all recordings live at gigs, rehearsals/jams and in dressing rooms in holland and germanu. nasmak at that time were: joop van brakel - guitar, voice; toon bressers - drums, syndrums; theo van eenbergen - bass, basspedals; truus de groot - voice, cracklesynthesizer, guitar; henk janssen - guitars; roland smits - sound. THANKS richard de courcier, wally van middendorp, maria verdult. IMPORTANT: nasmak invite anybody working with brass, woodwind, drums, violins an cellos to arranged any piece of this album for (some or all of) thes instruments and sen recordings to teh adress below. a selection may be released later, depending on the response. FOR MORE detailed infromation on the material on this album send envelope with stamp and your adress to the adress below. RELEASED by nasmak, summer 1981 ++++++