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Dark Night Of The Soul

Artist: Nails Ov Christ

Year: 1987
Country: Canada
Catalog No: Freedom in a Vacuum, VACT.08
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A1 Untitled 2:25
A2 Untitled 2:38
A3 Untitled 4:03
A4 Untitled 2:11
A5 Untitled 2:43
B1 Untitled 4:29
B2 Untitled 2:06
B3 Untitled 4:11
B4 Untitled 3:27
Artist name is incorrectly written as "Nails Of Christ" on the spine of the j-card.
Freedom In A Vacuum reissue is labelled "Vatican Radio's Voice" on j-card. Reverse side of j-card indicates VACT 08. The "08" is hand written. Refer to images for this release.