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Sin Factor

Artist: Factor 42 / Sin Drome

Year: 1989
Country: United States
Catalog No: General Purpose Cassettes GPC #001
Format: Tape
    Factor 42
A1 –Factor 42 1. Slave To The Ankh  
A2 –Factor 42 2. Chinese Technology  
A3 –Factor 42 3. Sky Burial  
A4 –Factor 42 4. Ripe Me Up, Rip Me Off  
A5 –Factor 42 5. Walk Beyond  
A6 –Factor 42 6. Time Lapse  
    Deus Ex-Machina
B1 –Sin Drome 6. Life Signs  
B2 –Sin Drome Q. Yovillaha  
B3 –Sin Drome 3. Explode  
B4 –Sin Drome 9. The Man Must Be Dead  
B5 –Sin Drome F. Transition Test 1  
B6 –Sin Drome 1. Close To The Edge  
B7 –Sin Drome X. Insanity (Bile)  
  • Artwork By [Graphics By] – Dennis Masters
  • Composed By – Factor 42 (tracks: A1 to A4, A6)
  • Composed By [De-composed & Deranged By] – Cliff Tkac (tracks: B1 to B5, B7)
  • Engineer, Mixed By – Richard Viorst
Tape in standard snapcase with printed clear PVC j-card. Comes together with an companion booklet in A5 size with informations of this first release of General Purpose Cassettes.

Recorded in October of 1989 at Red Heat Studios, Landenberg, PA.
All titles on this tape are copyright 1989 by the individual artists.

Sin Drome :
B6: Deranged and deformed live at club 403 on 11-27-89

Mastered on Friday, October 13, 1989 courtesy Red Head Studios.

Factor 42 :
All titles by Factor 42 except A5.