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Radio 2

Artist: F/i

Year: 1985
Country: United States
Catalog No: Cause and Effect
Format: Tape
A1 Owsley 7:46
A2 Radio 2 6:31
A3 Wave #7 6:13
A4 RJB 4:25
A5 Process 1 4:37
B1 No Title 3:45
B2 Gut 6:50
B3 Below The Salt 4:14
B4 Royalties 4:54
B5 Process 11 5:08
B6 Mind 4:51
  • Bass – Richard Franecki
  • Drums – Jan Schober
  • Electronics – Brian Wensing, Richard Franecki, Steve Zimmerman (2)
  • Guitar – Brian Wensing, Richard Franecki
  • Saxophone – Lars Kvam
Comes with a 16-page A5-booklet with tracklist, interviews and discography. Interestingly, release dates of the previous works differ from the data on F/i's official homepage.

Recorded and compiled, processed June to July 1985 at various locations. Recorded and mixed by F/i, an Uddersounds Production!