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Healthy Feet/Murky Depths

Artist: Various

Year: 1981
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Monochrome Underworld Recordings M.U.R 14
Format: Tape
A1 –The Mob (3) Witch Hunt  
A2 –C.J. Sidwell Dessert Island Risks  
A3 –Orange Disaster Too Much T.V.  
A4 –Mannequin Moves Nova Sex  
A5 –The Good Missionaries Protect And Survive  
A6 –David Jackman Night Metal  
A7 –Nervous Surgeons* See More (From My Point Of View) (Live)  
A8 –Tapeworm (8) Arctic Dawn  
A9 –Colin Potter Power  
A10 –Steven Reynolds (Excerpt)  
A11 –391 Famous Last Words  
A12 –P.A.Wells* And G.A.Hope* (Excerpt)  
A13 –Missing Persons (3) The Royal Blues  
A14 –Another View Emergency  
A15 –Mannequin Moves 30 Second Disco  
B1 –Missing Persons (3) Sadie  
B2 –Mannequin Moves Think Of The Girls You Left Behind  
B3 –Karl's Empty Body Burial Of An Engineer One Rainy Wednesday  
B4 –The Cast (9) Call To Arms (Live)  
B5 –Colin Potter Carpentry  
B6 –P.A.Wells* And G.A.Hope* (Excerpt)  
B7 –The Living Dead No 5 Human Being  
B8 –Another View German Life  
B9 –Steven Reynolds (Excerpt)  
B10 –Missing Persons (3) The Portrait Of Jeremy Thorpe  
B11 –Tapeworm (8) Hidden Depths  
B12 –The Instant Automatons Failure Is Just A State Of Mind (Version)  
B13 –Nervous Surgeons* Throwaway