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International Sound Communication 03 (Communique)

Artist: Various

Year: 0
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: A Man's Hate Production; I.S.C. 3
Format: Tape
Tracklist A1 –Political Asylum Fresh Hate (Live)  
A2 –Autentisk Film Offer  
A3 –Skogvokterne Untitled  
A4 –Lister Elifantz  
A5 –Morkelagt Bevegelse* Compared To An Image  
A6 –Men Of Courage Confronted With Life  
A7 –Miasma (4) This Is Halloween  
A8 –Sicky Spread New Forest Butterfly Farm  
A9 –Sicky Spread Teenage Sex  
B1 –Master/Slave Relationship I Feel Sick  
B2 –The Phallacy* The Phallacy  
B3 –Fremskrittet The Forest  
B4 –Fremskrittet Justice II  
B5 –Absolute Body Control Is There An Exit (Live)  
B6 –Earths Epitaph Yesterdays Child  
B7 –Savage Circle (2) Bleeding Throat  
B8 –The Bristles* Nuclear Power  
B9 –Scientific Creative Intelligence Music For The Expanding Universe (Excerpt)