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Artist: Ken Clinger

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Catalog No: Sound Of Pig, SOP 123
Format: Tape
A1 Maywick Drive  
A2 Front Yard  
A3 Hiway  
A4 Stella And Humpo  
A5 Flute Stacks  
A6 Then  
A7 Man To Man  
A8 The Form  
A9 Fast Lane  
A10 Nuk-E-Doll  
A11 The Neighbors  
A12 Entity  
A13 Oh Hayley  
A14 Mary Mayhem  
A15 After The Sock Hop  
A16 Five Tales From Home  
A17 Waltz  
B1 Porch Glider  
B2 Pink On Red  
B3 Coming Soon  
B4 Jimmy Jumbo  
B5 Back In The Ussr  
B6 Junior Plays With Dolls  
B7 Green  
B8 Cow From Alpha Centauri  
B9 Jeanette's Levitation  
B10 Prelude  
B11 Merlin At Night  
B12 Everything Becomes Nothing  
B13 Mail Order Bride  
B14 Southside  
B15 Ham And Sole