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1/2 Live

Artist: 1/2 Japanese

Year: 1979
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 Caroline SaysWritten-By – Lou Reed  
A2 Lisa SaysWritten-By – Lou Reed  
A3 10th Ave. Freeze OutWritten-By – Springsteen*  
A4 You're Gonna Miss MeWritten-By – Roky Erickson  
A5 I'm Gonna Go To The ZooWritten-By – ½*  
A6 Femme FataleWritten-By – Lou Reed  
A7 John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt  
A8 Wake Up Sleepy HeadWritten-By – Jonathon Richman*  
A9 She CrackedWritten-By – Jonathon Richman*  
A10 Foggy NotionWritten-By – Lou Reed  
A11 Farmer John  
A12 Fun TimeWritten-By – Iggy Stooge  
A13 No FunWritten-By – Iggy Stooge  
A14 Fun Fun FunWritten-By – Beach Boys*  
A15 Md. Girls (California Girls)Written-By – Beach Boys*  
A16 Shakin St.Written-By – MC5  
A17 Battle Of The BandsWritten-By – ½*  
A18 MonoWritten-By – ½*  
A19 Rip My Shirt To ShredsWritten-By – ½*  
A20 Oriental GirlsWritten-By – ½*  
A21 Her Parents Came HomeWritten-By – ½*  
A22 Rock & Roll NurseWritten-By – Bo Diddly*  
B1 My GenerationWritten-By – Pete Townshend  
B2 Rock & Roll HeartWritten-By – Lou Reed  
B3 Who Do You LoveWritten-By – Bo Diddly*  
B4 I'm The Man For YouWritten-By – MC5  
B5 You're Gonna Miss MeWritten-By – Roky Erickson  
B6 Live With MeWritten-By – Rolling Stones*  
B7 Bogue Millionare / Cool MillionareWritten-By – ½*  
B8 Tangled Up In BluesWritten-By – Bob Dylan  
B9 Femme FataleWritten-By – Lou Reed  
B10 John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt  
B11 I'm Almost GrownWritten-By – Chuck Berry  
B12 College Psycology On LoveWritten-By – Armand Schaubroeck Steals  
B13 NadineWritten-By – Chuck Berry  
B14 A Girl I Care AboutWritten-By – Jonathon Richman*  
B15 Oriental GirlsWritten-By – ½*  
B16 I Saw Her Standing ThereWritten-By – Beatles*  
B17 Teenage LustWritten-By – MC5  
B18 Patti SmithWritten-By – ½*  
B19 Let's Play HouseWritten-By – Arthur Gunter  
B20 Not Too CoolWritten-By – Foreign Objects (2)  
B21 Little DollWritten-By – Iggy Stooge  
  • Drums – Riki* (tracks: B3 to B21)
  • Guitar, Vocals, Drums – David Fair, Jad Fair
  • Saxophone – John* (tracks: B3 to B21)
Tracks A1 to B2 recorded at The Red Door in Baltimore, Maryland
Tracks B3 to B21 recorded at D.C. Space in Washington, D.C.

Tracks B3 to B13 later appeared as side F of the 1/2 Gentlemen/Not Beasts triple-LP box set.