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Patina (A Collection Of Simple Archaic Structures)

Artist: Abner Malaty

Year: 1990
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape


A1 Window Show (Cranium 1984)  
A2 Inside The Sphere Of Zero Gravity (Cranium 1984)  
A3 My New House (Cranium 1982-84)  
A4 T.V. Theme Intro (Cranium 1984)  
A5 Uncontrolled (E.D.N.U. 1985)  
A6 Zwen Beato (Cracked 1981-85)  
A7 I Thought, I Thought? (Cracked 1985)  
A8 In The Distance (Cranium 1984)  
A9 It Circles (Cranium 1984)  
A10 Poor Fat Fred (Cracked 1983)  
A11 Your Mind Is The Matter (1985)  
A12 Like Wax We Melt (E.D.N.U. 1986)  
A13 Collage From The Big Room (1982)  
B1 Victim (E.D.N.U. 1985)  
B2 Soft Chair Theory (Cracked 1985)  
B3 Ch Pm (E.D.N.U. 1985)  
B4 Transition Period (Exart Comp. Track 1987)  
B5 Where Do Your Thoughts Go? (Tonspur Comp. Track 1987)  
B6 Poetic Jungle Laundromat (Cranium 1982)  



Limited edition of 100 numbered copies.
This cassette contains previously released material from the first three Abner Malaty cassettes.
A7 & B1 originally released on Insane Music compilation series.
Remixed december 31, 1989 and january 1, 1990 by Abner Malaty.