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$ 3.00

Artist: Wallmen

Year: 1987
Country: United States
Label: Dead Judy
Catalog No: Dead Judy
Format: Tape
  The Surreal Side
A1 Jethro's Kaleidoscopic Aural Mixture 0:55
A2 Teen Town 3:44
A3 Concerto No. 7 in D minor 0:10
A4 Psychic Girl 2:43
A5 Lunar Wave Chant 0:13
A6 I Remember the Waves 2:29
A7 O.B.'s Motorcycle 2:42
A8 The Preservative Children 0:30
A9 Baby Dolls Flexed Between InterStellar Acid Gels 7:32
A10 Mojo Working 2:55
A11 6 or 7 Times A Day 3:34
A12 He ain't Risin From the Dead 2:51
  The Minimals Side
B1 YomSonic Tucker Vision 1:19
B2 Down and Out St. 4:40
B3 A Yetis Prank Call 0:43
B4 Doggie Bag 1:34
B5 Johnny Rasta Boy 2:59
B6 Hey Cowboy Move Your Truck 1:55
B7 The Last Man 3:36
B8 Love Sticker 0:61
B9 WAH! 5:18
B10 Omar's Land of HockDom 1:14
B11 AutoPilot 4:13
B12 Sun is Like Poison 1:25
B13 Jans vvs. Mr. Dave 0:64
  • Drums – A.J.
  • Vocals, Bass, Guitar – Jethro Deluxe
  • Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer, Bass – Yom Tucker
  • Vocals, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Sampler – Omar (30)