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Abstract Energy

Artist: Albrecht/d

Year: 1985
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Samadhi Records, 1005
Format: Vinyl Lp


  Endless Music Goes Zen
A Endless Music Goes Zen  
  1970-1985 Fifteen Years
B1 Dilletantism No. 3  
B2 Dilletantism No. 6  
B3 Musik Der Stille Und Der Meditation  
B4 Endless Music  
B5 Endless Music  
B6 Spontanes Konzert  
B7 Zirkus  
B8 Endless Music  
  Endless Music  
B9a A  
B9b B  
B9c C  
B10 Endless Music  
B11 Untitled (Live At Martello Street, London)  
  Homage Á Bali  
B12a A  
B12b B  
B12c C  
B13 Endless Music  
B14 Instant Life / Instant Love / Instant Death  
B15 Instant Life / Instant Love / Instant Death  
  Abstract Energy  
B16a A  
B16b B  
B16c C  


LP in gatefold cover with 8-page booklet (Sonder-Nr. d. Zeitung "Kinky Beaux Arts").

Side A recorded 10. Februar 1980 at Akademie Der Kunste, Berlin.
B1 recorded in 1970.
B2 recorded in 1971.
B3 recorded in 1972 at Kunstmarkt Göttingen.
B4 recorded in 1973 during the "kunst im politischen kampf" exhibition at Kunstverein Hannover.
B5 recorded in 1974 at Stuttgarter Pop Testival.
B6 recorded in 1974 at a spontaneous concert at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London during the exhibition Art Into Society organized by Christos Joachimides and Norman Rosenthal.
B7 recorded in 1974 in Antwerp.
B8 recorded in 1975 at the Antwerp University.
B9a and B9b recorded in 1975 as part of a workshop with children and adolescents in Gross Gerau using a 100 x 100 x 100 cm resonator with 7 to 12 meter piano strings.
B9c recorded in 1975 in Kiel at a workshop similar to the one in Gross Gerau. The music was the soundtrack to a performance by Cosey Fanni Tutti and Genesis P-Orridge.
B10 recorded in 1975 in Staatsgalerie Stuttgart as part of a double concert with Joe Jones' music machines.
B11 recorded live in 1976 at Martello Street, London.
B12a recorded in 1978 while rehearsing for the concert for the Pro Musica Nova Radio Bremen.
B12b recorded in 1979 at Musikhochschule Würzburg.
B13 recorded in 1978 at Studio Beginner, W. Zimmermann, Köln and Goethe Institut, London.
B14 recorded in 1981 live in Bürgerhaus Böckingen Helibronn.
B15 recorded in 1982 at a performance at the Usine Pali Kao, Paris organized by Daniel O. Marque and Christine.
B16 recorded in 1985.

Tracks B15 and B16 are one track on the vinyl.