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Artist: ADN Ckrystall

Year: 0
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Kernkrach, KRACH 016
Format: Vinyl 7"
Spezification: m/m
B   Do Zeu Twist
Cover in plastic foil, limited to and numbered out of 300 copies.
Sources: Tape #03 - Rec May 1985 @ 6, Place St-Sermin Toulouse - France in ADN' Studio Room
Restored and mastered by Darklion at Studio Mirage Créations -Toulouse - France
Insert designed by Yannick Edom at Studio Mirage Créations too.


The recordings on this 7" are unique and meant to be available for the Past-Time Generation. There have sadly only these poor recordings survived, recorded back then on a simple cassette-recorder onto a low-fi cassette. We thought of what to do with this material? Making the best out of it or just cancel the whole production. We decided to do the production and release these brilliant tracks recorded by ADN' Ckrystall on vinyl! So if you think the sound quality is too poor for your stereo or you just don't like this record, then please send the record back to us!!!

Thanks for your patience
The Kernkrach-Crew"
A   Arabesketch