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Tape Report 01

Artist: Various

Year: 1986
Country: Austria
Label: Die Ind
Catalog No: Die Ind 14
Format: Tape
A1 –Gotthard Wagner* Hallo  
A2 –Rick Rue* Other Voices  
A3 –Psyclones The Games We Play  
A4 –Problemist Hard Imprint  
A5 –Problemist Save Children  
A6 –Monochrome Bleu This Is Not  
A7 –Monochrome Bleu Ballarinas Of Manaus  
B1 –Controlled Bleeding Inch Head  
B2 –Controlled Bleeding Under Fallen Arch  
B3 –Josef K. Noyce Bali - Alternative TV  
B4 –Josef K. Noyce Upbeat - Downbeat  
B5 –Schlafengarten Royal Temptation  
B6 –Viscera The River  
B7 –Schlafengarten Adultry  
B8 –Josef K. Noyce Hoodoo 1800, Crescent City  
TAPE REPORT has no history of presenting methods and practices of musical forms, but we believe that a thing called 'TAPE REVOLT' must take place, independent of style and music. "ICE MELTS - LETS COMMUNICATE, NOW" (Submission notes from Wolfgang Dorninger)

Comes with an A5 booklet (36 pages) written in German and partially in English. July - December 1985.

Booklet contains stories/reviews about Problemist (German/English), Unsound (English), Schlafengarten (German), Monochrome Bleu (English interview), Hear The Roar Of The Mountains (German), Sound Of Pig Music (German), Psyclones (German), Controlled Bleeding (German/English) and many more.