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Is Crude OK?

Artist: Bored Young Men

Year: 1987
Country: United States
Catalog No: Sound of Pig, SOP 122
Format: Tape
A1 Be A Sport And Wear This  
A2 Don't Wait To Be Told...  
A3 Walter  
A4 Amos McCoy Shakes A Beefy Fist At The Doom And Gloom School  
A5 Don't Eat Healthy Cereal  
A6 ...You Need...  
A7 The Sinking Detective  
A8 Private Laughter  
A9 Carla West - The Human Bird Nest  
A10 Like A Big Dumb Infant (La La La)  
A11 Insects Call Your Ear Canal 'Home'  
B1 Just Dessert  
B2 ...Palmolive Gold  
B3 Cicadaville  
B4 Clayboy Torture, 1965  
B5 Anatomy Lab  
B6 King, The Sad Boy  
  • Performer – Beeg Srahka, Ken Clinger