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The Element That Defies Description

Artist: Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl

Year: 1987
Country: United States
Catalog No: Sound Of Pig, SOP 076
Format: Tape
A1 Joel's Long March And A Little Bit Of Mary  
A2 Uber Den Tod Und Sein Verhältnis Zur Unzerstörbarkeit Unseres Wesens An Sich  
B1 Shoot Me (The Rapture)  
B2 P.S.  
  • Featuring – Al Margolis (tracks: A2, B2), Amy Denio (tracks: B1), Architect's Office* (tracks: A1, A2), Bart Plantenga (tracks: A2), Bog-Art* (tracks: A1), Cauchy Productions (tracks: A1), Commando Bruno* (tracks: B1), Denier Du Culte (tracks: A1), Didier Moulinier (tracks: B1), G.X. Jupitter-Larsen* (tracks: A2), Mary Horn (tracks: A1, B1), No Unauthorized (tracks: A1, A2), Psychodrama (tracks: A1, A2), Reportage (2) (tracks: A1, B1), S. Gustav Hagglund (tracks: B1), Seiei Jack Nakahara* (tracks: A2), Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl (tracks: B1, B2), Uterus Of Plant (tracks: A2), Valerie Haller (tracks: A2), Wally Shoup (tracks: A1), Zanoisect (tracks: A1, A2)
  • Producer, Arranged By – Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl
1) Joel's Long March And A Little Bit Of Mary:
BOG-ART begins with drone soon joined by WALLY SHOUP on vacuum tube and then a mix by MR. ZAN of himself (ZANOISECT) and ARCHITECT'S OFFICE. MARY HORN laughs and PSYCHODRAMA raves. All become silent however, before the relentless march of REPORTAGE. ARCHITECT'S OFFICE provides historical perspective. Resolve to electronics courtesy of NO UNAUTHORIZED, loops culled from CAUCHY PRODUCTIONS and DENIER DU CULTE, plus a little bit more of MARY.

2) Uber Den Tod Und Sein Verhältnis Zur Unzerstörbarkeit Unseres Wesens An Sich:
G.X. JUPITTER-LARSEN breaks glass in the mix which opens Part Two. SEIEI JACK NAKAHARA contributes a language lesson. ZANOISECT mixes it up in Italian and German and NO UNAUTHORIZED holds a father and son chat. Break to electronics by UTERUS OF PLANT/SHINICHI IGARI, punctuated by comments from BART PLANTENGA and VALERIE HALLER. A duet for piano and steam heat by ARCHITECT'S OFFICE and UTERUS OF PLANT follows. Out of it rises the voice of The Old Prospector, BART PLANTENGA. Wolves howl and Al MARGOLIS joins in on violin. ZANOISECT's choral mix with PSYCHODRAMA wraps it up.

3) Shoot Me (The Rapture):
SOLOMONOFF & VON HOFFMANNSTAHL provide the rhythm track (special thanks to Tasha Thomas) which opens and continues through Part Three. DIDIER MOULINIER plays video games while REPORTAGE marches on. MOULINIER metamorphizes into COMMANDO BRUNO's digital Minnie Mouse loop which in turn yields to S. GUSTAV HAGGLUND's turntable madness. MARY HORN returns to drink champagne in the penthouse while AMY DENIO plays sax. C'est fini.

4) P.S.:
Afterword by SOLOMONOFF & VON HOFFMANNSTAHL with AL MARGOLIS. Recorder live in The Garden State.