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Fragments From The Semi Structure

Artist: Abner Malaty

Year: 1987
Country: United States
Catalog No: Sound of Pig, SOP 084
Format: Tape
A1 Fragments From The Semi Structure 1:31
A2 Liquid Lysergic Leper 2:00
A3 Ancient Poem For The Stoned Age 5:08
A4 Assault Of The Rotation Craft 2:33
A5 Swamp 1:12
A6 Variations Of 6 On 4 4:26
A7 He Tried To Wear His What? 2:51
A8 Sunrise At The Ruins 3:08
A9 Safe Dreams On A Scaffold 4:00
A10 From The Center Somewhere 2:10
A11 A Lunar Theme In Passing 1:55
B1 Halls Of The Static King 5:29
B2 Clattering Of Pure Guitar Compost 2:11
B3 Comeback Baby My Heart's In Your Hand (And I'm Bleeding On Your Carpet) 3:34
B4 Clipped Wing 3:42
B5 Ritual At Mound 1:44
B6 Archaic 4:52
B7 My Brain Was Burning Badly 2:23
B8 Orwat 7:03
Recorded Jan-May 1987 TEAC 144 Porta studio.