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Gender: Male
Country: United States
Description: An English group dealing in free improvisation music and the academic avant- garde of electronic music, it was started in 1985 by Roger SUTHERLAND (1948- 2004), a member of the legendary The SCRATCH ORCHESTRA, Michael PRIME, Adam BOHMAN, Ron BRIEFEL, Clive HALL, and Fred SANSOM, the latter of whom quit in 1989, replaced by Clive GRAHAM. Inspired by the work of John CAGE, Karlheinz STOCKHAUSEN, AMM, and MUSICA ELETTRONICA VIVA, their work relied on the sound of traditional instru- ments (e.g. the piano, violin, guitar, percussion), which they modified in various manners. They also make use of an exceptionally wide range of devices and everyday objects: radio receivers, faulty cassette recorders, mechanical toys, coils and other industrial waste, as well as self-made sound installations, e.g. the so-called water machine, an air pump sub- merged in a water tank, and natural field recordings. Formally elaborate, their works feature multi-thread sonic narration of unpredictable arrange- ments and the structure of sound textures. This is achieved through subtle means of expression, the staple of their composer’s arsenal being the intu- itive construction of electroacoustic sound space, filled up primarily with varied reverbs of organic origin. Although never officially disbanded, their activity since 2001 as a band has been considerably limited to sporadic live performances. Instead, they have been focused on their solo careers or running a label (e.g. GRAHAM and his PARADIGM DISCS). Discography: Morphogenesis (Sound Of Pig 1987) tape Prochronisms (Pogus Productions 1989) LP Stromatolites (Vintage Electronic Records 1991) CD