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O.D. on Bourgeaoisie Boy Milk

Artist: Bite The Wax Tadpole

Year: 1990
Country: United States
Catalog No: Sound of Pig, SOP 295
Format: Tape
A1 Wiggily World 1:00
A2 Magnificat 4:35
A3 Crisscrossing The Moonlight 3:30
A4 The Where-Are-They-Now File 3:05
A5 Is That Sincere? 0:37
A6 The Weird Allure Of Wooden Birds 4:35
A7 Riverrun 4:00
A8 Wake Up, Charlie! 1:10
A9 Blind Man's Madrigals 4:35
A10 Fish Tuna Or Play Bass 2:15
A11 Unselfish Geography 3:30
A12 Song Sung Before Bursting Into Flame 3:35
A13 Frisking Their Whiskers 0:20
A14 I Do Not Like A Face Massage! 1:10
A15 "Sorry" Does Not Butter The Biscuit 2:35
A16 Making Love To A Vampire 3:30
B1 Tearing Up The Planks In The Party Platform 3:15
B2 Waggle Dance 3:50
B3 Hairball Oracle 3:55
B4 The Deep Down 5:07
B5 Married To Victoria Williams 5:27
B6 Blowing Smoke 3:00
B7 Blankets Of Dust 2:45
B8 O.D. On Bourgeoisie Boy Milk 6:46
B9 Good, Deep Breath 0:35
B10 Fever Tree 5:00
B11 Strain Gauge 5:00
  • Performer – Smith*, M. Dery*
Total duration listed as 83:57.