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The World Does Not Fit On A 2 Screen

Artist: Various

Year: 1987
Country: United States
Catalog No: Sound of Pig, SOP 042
Format: Tape
 A1 –Frank Kogan Wreck Of The John B
A2 –The Invisible Generation The Puplit That Exploded (Excerpt)
A3 –Amor Fati The Law
A4 –Radio Prague To You
A5 –Radio Prague The Fifth Book
A6 –Recursos Ajenos Rasca Sangre
A7 –Audio Leter Film Score
B1 –The Fundamentalists World Harmony / World Harmony (Dance Mix)
B2 –Roberta Eklund Mate
B3 –Roberta Eklund Piano Improvisation (Excerpt)
B4 –Merz (2) Ja!
B5 –Blechtrommel October Song
B6 –1348 Excerpt
B7 –1348 Excerpt
B8 –Unovidual Japanese Dream 1
B9 –Bliss (40) Room With A View