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Home Made Music 1980/1

Artist: T. Kamada

Year: 1981
Country: Japan
Catalog No: DD.Records, DT001
Format: Tape
A1 Picnic  
A2 Sea (Of Voltage Control Filter)  
A3 Morning Birds Song  
A4 Highway Speed  
A5 Backway  
A6 Love / T.V. / Identical Information  
A7 Dancing Systems  
A8 2 Guitars  
A9 Toytown (Dancing)  
A10 Cloud Story  
A11 Rainy Day  
A12 1910 (Gate 2)  
A13 Dreaming Is....  
B1 Riding Song  
B2 Walking Head  
B3 China / Farlands / And China  
B4 Toytown (Walking)  
B5 Date  
B6 I`m Fine, Thank You  
B7 10 O´Clock  
B8 4 Guitars  
B9 Workman Has Worked Everyday  
B10 Backfire  
B11 Under The Factory  
B12 Rock Splits  
  • Artwork By – T. Kamada
  • Composed By – T. Kamada
  • Engineer – T. Kamada
  • Producer – T. Kamada
Thank´s: H. Hayashi... helped making synthsizer
M. Nakanura and RC...P.R.
OHK...index seal
H. Noguchi..copy