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Against Humanity

Artist: Odal

Year: 1988
Country: Netherlands
Label: Lor Teeps
Catalog No: Lor Teeps, 29
Format: Tape
A1 Stress 4:25
A2 Galactic Plane 11:00
A3 I Am A Human With AIDS/ARC 7:37
A4 Gehelme Wapen 6:04
A5 W.Tax Is Not A Psychokiller 1:25
B1 Rapediscomix 5:57
B2 Was Ist Dass ? 8:00
B3 Against Humanity 2:23
B4 Your Tits Are Mine 0:57
B5 Chaotic Creature 2:19
B6 Gaz  
B7 Interleukine - 2