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Artist: K-Roll

Year: 1986
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Zeal SS
Catalog No: Zeal SS
Format: Tape
A1 For The Intimate 7:46
A2 Heaven Be Merciful 3:25
A3 Poison Preachers 3:04
A4 Dream Sanctuary 6:30
A5 Beyond Good 4:22
A6 In Vain 2:56
B1 Youth Imagery 4:23
B2 Thunder And The Flute 4:15
B3 Carezza 6:58
B4 The Pagan Pipes 5:34
B5 Klik And Skreem And Taip 4:29
B6 M.P.D. 3:07
  • Performer – Neil C.*, T.Ward*