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Punky Meadows Meets Mr. Las Vegas

Artist: Dan Fioretti

Year: 0
Country: United States
Catalog No: Kitti Tapes; Kitti 154
Format: Tape
Muzickal noizes by DF -- also some voice appearances by Little Lawrence, Peter Tonks

Side 1.

1. Pump Up The Pudding

2.The Invocation Of Spondú

3. Mr. Las Vegas Meets The Great God Of Spondú

Side 2.

1. Punky Meadows & The Great God Spondú (suite)

a. Flavor Crystals

b. The Land Of Box Sets

c. Yoko Screams

d. Peter & The Mafia

e. The Spondú Ballet *

f. Punky Finally Meets The Great God Of Spondú

* made from backwards remixes of 4-track masters

“Music So New It Almost Doesn’t Exist!!!”


Although it was not my intention, this cassette ended up as a portrait of two cassette artists I am currently in contact with: Little Lawrence Salvatore and Peter Tonks. The tape is not only influenced by both of them, but it also related to things that have influenced each of them.

Little Lawrence starts off the tape with his stirring Spondú mantra, calling the Great God Of Spondú. Immediately, a giant mountain of pudding appears -- probably butterscotch, although it’s not mentioned on the tape. Lawrence’s joy at the vast amount of pudding is conveyed in an extended instrumental piece in the style of all of his favorite European progressive bands.

Meanwhile, in Cowtown, things are not going quite as well for Peter Tonks. Attending a local piano recital and becoming more and more bored, Peter ingests some of the mysterious BROWN ACID left over from Woodstock, and experiences what ‘60’s counterculture types (read: HIPPIES) used to call a “bum trip”. The only thing that saves our boy is childhood memories of listening to a certain Wayne Newton record as a child. Peter recovers just enough to introduce the next selection on the tape, and dedicate it to The Mildew Lady.

Meanwhile on the pudding mountain, Little Lawrnce had ingested some of the mysterious Spondú Pudding, which blows his mind into a thousand flavor crystals (as he says on the tape) and waxes nostalgic over his beloved Punky Meadows, while Peter continues to have acid flashbacks about Wayne Newton. Both are teleported to the Land Of Box Sets via the Yoko Ono retrospective box set. Yoko screams, Peter recalls an amusing anecdote, Punky pouts, and the Great God Of Spondú demands a ballet recital in his name. The tape reaches a dramatic conclusion when its is revealed that Punky Meadows is indeed a disciple of The Great God Of Spondú, and the two meet and become Psychically At One with each other and the universe.