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Anthology (Album, Ltd)

Artist: Afterimage

Year: 1985
Country: Switzerland
Catalog No: Calypso Now
Format: Tape
A1 The Long Walk  
A2 Strange Confession  
A3 On The Verge  
A4 Faces To Hide  
A5 Idol (Instru.)  
A6 Surf Generator  
A7 No Dreams  
B1 Soundtrack  
B2 The Long Walk  
B3 Idol  
B4 Breaking Point  
B5 Afterimage  
B6 Faces To Hide  
B7 American Tragedy  
  • Bass – Randy Ralston (tracks: B7), Rich Evac
  • Drums – Holland DeNunzio
  • Guitar – Alan Lee (5) (tracks: B7)
  • Guitar, Keyboards – A Produce
  • Synthesizer – Pierre Lambow (tracks: B4)
  • Vocals, Saxophone, Guitar – Alec Tension
Originally released by Trance Port Tapes in 1984, licensed to Calypso Now. Tapes were manufactured in Switzerland with original cover material from the U.S.

Each copy numbered. Comes in especially designed fold-out package with booklet.

How to spot the difference between the original US and the Calypso Now release: The original used tape of ferro quality (lighter brown), while Calypso Now used chrome tape (very dark brown, almost black). Covers were sent from US, numbered.