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Duo O Accident

Artist: Marshall Reese & Kirby Malone

Year: 1987
Country: United States
Catalog No: Widemouth Tapes 8601
Format: Tape
A1 Introduction  
A2 What Whole Wheat Means And The Winter Rose  
A3 Click Poems  
A4 Wrench Wrench  
A5 59  
A6 Hallu Voo  
A7 Story  
B1 Story  
B2 Click Poems  
B3 Slugs  
B4 Dudu Pukwana The Saxophone  
B5 [ ] [ ]  
B6 Phr  
B7 Dudu Pukwana The Saxophone  
B8 What Whole Wheat Means And The Winter Rose  
  • Engineer – John Magner
Original release by Widemouth Tapes, licenced to Calypso Now.
The recordings took place at Susan and George Quasha's Stained Glass Studio (Open Studio / Station Hill Press)in Barrytown, New York, in the early hours of July 23, 1978.