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Secret Dreams Of A Kitchen Porter

Artist: Stray Trolleys & Cleaners From Venus

Year: 1982
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Man At The Off Licence, NOW 004
Format: Tape
  Topside - Stray Trolleys
A1 Secret Dreams Of A Kitchen Porter  
A2 Russian Picture  
A3 Bontemps Roulez  
A4 Mrs. Diller  
A5 Teenage Gunmen  
  Silver Side
B1 Five Pieces Written For An Autumn Art Exhibition The Theme Of Which Was "The Small Hours"  
B2 She Loves You - A Tribute To The Beatles By The Cleaners From Venus  
These are pre-Cleaners demos of the Stray Trolleys plus early Cleaners recordings recorded in 1980.

Credited to Man At The Off Licence Tapes (note the slight variation). Licensed to Calypso Now. Catalogue number may not appear on the Calypso Now release.

Note regarding the cover:
Martin Newell's early tapes all had hand-colored cover drawings. Those were then photocopied in black and white for the Calypso Now license releases, sometimes then hand-colored as well. Sometimes the original cover of Newell was copied in full color.