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Die Russen Kommen

Artist: Nisus Anal Furgler

Year: 1987
Country: Switzerland
Catalog No: Calypso Now
Format: Tape
A2 Write Miss Lonelyhearts  
A3 Flowers For Albert  
A4 Waini-Schuft  
A5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  
B1 At The Massage Parlour  
B2 Heimreise In Die CSSR  
B3 Das Gedankenschrapnell  
B4 Auglsprang Glühfärbel  
B5 Spargeleinkauf  
B6 Laokoon  
  • Artwork [Uncredited] – Martin Schori
  • Performer – Anal Furgler, Kurt Rivella
A1 to A3: recorded for the compilation Great In Bed.
A4: recorded for the compilation Hell Without A Sin.
A5: Exerpt from the tape Nisus Anal Furgler und Christoph Bauer - Das Europäische Totenbuch.
B1: Recorded for the compilation Der Politische Katholizismus.
B2: From the tape Nisus Anal Furgler Nacht'raum (live recording).
B3, B4: From the tape Nisus Anal Furgler.
B5: recorded for the compilation Katacombe Vol. 2.
B6: recorded for the Home-Made Music For Home-Made People Vol. 2: "Bloody But Chic".