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Live (in Belgium and Holland)

Artist: Bene Gesserit

Year: 1983
Country: Switzerland
Catalog No: Calypso Now
Format: Tape
A1 From The Plan K. With Laughs  
A2 Same Old Story  
A3 Tonight  
A4 Alles Ist...  
A5 Erg Habbania  
A6 Le Rapt  
A7 Rock Yoko  
A8 Crazy Monkees  
B1 Insanités  
B2 Neon Lights!!  
B3 Death Is Not A Betrayal  
B4 Moki-Toki Oka-Owa  
B5 Little Lady  
B6 From Dune, With Laughs  
Tracks A2, A3, A4, A6, A7, B3 and B4 recorded live at the Riches-Claires, Brussels, 9/4/1983 at
Tracks A1, B1, B2 and B5 recorded live at the Plan K, Brussels, 30/4/1983 at 3.00 am.
Tracks A5, A8 and B6 recorded live at Paard van Troye, Den Haag, 12/2/1983 at 01.00 am.