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Pay No More Than 6 Fr.

Artist: The Ex & Svätsox

Year: 1984
Country: Switzerland
Catalog No: Calypso Now, NOW, 30
Format: Tape
A1 –Svätsox Killtime  
A2 –Svätsox Cartridge Case  
A3 –Svätsox Midway Gorf  
A4 –Svätsox Greyish Skyscape  
A5 –Svätsox Acid Rain  
A6 –Svätsox Mellow Show  
A7 –Svätsox This Could Be A Discobeat  
A8 –Svätsox Tension  
A9 –Svätsox The Nineteeneightyforcing House Of Fear  
A10 –Svätsox Villa Rid Rap  
A11 –Svätsox TaTieTaDa  
B1 –The Ex Crap Rap  
B2 –The Ex Jack Frost  
B3 –The Ex Long Live  
B4 –The Ex Pleased To Meat  
B5 –The Ex Fire & Ice  
B6 –The Ex Koeroen  
B7 –The Ex U.S. Hole  
B8 –The Ex Squat  
B9 –The Ex W.K. Soldier  
B10 –The Ex Blueprints  
  • Artwork By – Paul Garrand
  • Recorded By – Martin Schori
Recorded live in the AJZ (Autonomous Youth Center) in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland on the 1st of June, 1984. There is a numbered edition with printed cover (clear colored paper) and a later one without numbers, cover photocopied on red paper.