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Blow Away Your Troubles

Artist: Cleaners From Venus

Year: 1981
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Man At The Off Licence, WOW/002
Format: Tape
  Straight Side
A1 Swinging London  
A2 A Blue Wave  
A3 Union Lads  
A4 Modern T.V.  
A5 Marilyn On A Train  
A6 Kool Of The Night  
A7 Marathon  
A8 Urban Jungle  
A9 Minimal Animal  
  Bent Side
B1 I Fell In Love With A Cleaner  
B2 So This Is Modern Jazz Is It?  
B3 Wivenhoe Bells  
B4 Change Change Change  
B5 Hey Dreamer  
B6 Alien  
B7 At Home With Myself  
B8 Winter In The Country  
B9 Helpless  
B10 University Challenge  
  • Written-By – Lawrence Elliott (tracks: A1 - B9), Martin Newell (tracks: A1 - B10)
"All selections recorded between nov. '80 and april '81 in marvy mono on a steam-powered hand-cranked-mud-cooled reel to reel."
Original release on Newell's own label, licensed to Calypso Now. Catalogue number may not appear on the Calypso Now release.

Note regarding the cover:
Martin Newell's early tapes all had hand-colored cover drawings. Those were then photocopied in black and white for the Calypso Now license releases, sometimes then hand-colored as well. Sometimes the original cover of Newell was copied in full color.