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The Third Human Attempt

Artist: Human Flesh

Year: 1984
Country: Belgium
Catalog No: Insane Music, INS 17
Format: Tape
A1 Saxual Intercourse 2:50
A2 Godot Was Here 2:30
A3 Betsy Don't Care 4:50
A4 Birthday Singing 3:40
A5 He Has Lost His Head Too (For R. Wyatt) 2:20
A6 Kent Should Love It 3:13
A7 Xetroc 0:25
A8 Varsoule/Martin 4:30
A9 Niala Was Here 3:00
B1 Movie 1:10
B2 Amnesia (Your Eyes) 5:40
B3 Slow Life 4:00
B4 TV Kills/Victims Of The Tube 4:25
B5 Systematic Use 2:40
B6 Garten 2:00
B7 Reject 5:00
B8 Ancient Smiles 4:00
1984 cassette re-issue of the original tape (Aeon, USA).
No catalog number listed on the actual release.

Re-released on cdr by Insane Music in 2005 in the same sleeve as the original cassette.